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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 0 8 5 3.1/A29 E m i l i o G i n d r a u x X.X/XXX When it comes to jewellery, almost ­nothing beats the big classics: emeralds from Colombia or sapphires from Burma. Emilio Gindraux has been specialising in  these exceptional precious stones since  1974 and quickly secured a good ­reputation among the big names in the ­international jewellery industry. Today, he is based in Geneva but started out his career by completing a diploma in gemmology at the famous GIA in Santa Monica, USA. “With the diploma under my belt, I started out in the diamond wholesale business. I then gradually ­began to turn towards other precious stones: rubies, sapphires and emeralds for the haute jewellery industry.” In 2007, his son Frédéric Gindraux joined the company after completing his GIA diploma in Italy. “With our expertise and experience, we strive to better meet ­demands on the international haute ­jewellery market in Europe, Asia and the United States. We are working to ­continually perfect our knowledge in these three stone categories in order to achieve something close to perfection when it comes to the selection of stones.” In addition to the classic supplier ­countries, they have established links with local wholesalers in different ­countries, allowing them to expand their offer while remaining uncompromising as regards the quality of the stones. For ­example, they offer a natural non-heat treated ruby from Mozambique weighing more than 8 carats in an exceptional ­pigeon’s blood colour. The natural 15.19 carat rose sapphire from Sri Lanka has an exceptional luminosity. When asked about the qualities which ­define the profession, Emilio and Frédéric Gindraux together respond: “The sale of precious stones is an activity which ­requires taste, precision and a good feel for aesthetics.” Emilio Gindraux, CEO of Emilio Gindraux Established 1974 in geneva SpecialIties Ruby, sapphire, emerald head Emilio Gindraux, ceo Contact tel: +41 22 736 3422, FAX: +41 22 736 3788 T h e b i g c l a s s i c s Emilio Gindraux · 3.1 / A29

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