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Selection Stones and Pearls

0 8 2 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s In 1905 Emil Weis founded his opal cutting workshop in Kirschweiler, near Idar-Oberstein. Now run by the fourth generation of the family, Emil Weis Opals has become a well-respected global player in the opal trade. In 1957 the founder handed over management to his youngest son, Helmut. He, in turn, passed on the baton to his son-in-law Jürgen Schütz in 1994. Together with his wife, Karin, and brother-in-law Michael Weis, Schütz ­expanded the opal business further. In 2004 Tanja Schütz, great-granddaughter of company founder Emil Weis, made the love of opals her profession. Since 1986 Jürgen Schütz has been ­regularly visiting all of the working opal fields world- wide, acquiring new raw material from the sites of the finds himself. In addition, the company also has several investments in mines in Australia (South Australia, Queensland and Lightning Ridge) and Mexico (Magdalena). All types of opal are cut in Kirschweiler. In the range customers can find a selection of opals that has been lovingly collected and is probably the only one of its kind in the world, including black opals, boulder opals, yowah nut opals, light opals, opal doublets and opal triplets, opal chains of all kinds, fine opal engravings and interesting collector’s pieces and unique objects from the world of opals. One particular speciality of Emil Weis is the Mexican fire opal. The long-standing Kirschweiler operation is market leader in this field. Faceted fire opal is available in all colour tones from orange to red. Fire opal matrix and the beautifully opalescent fire and water opals further enrich the collection. In recent times reasonably- priced exotic opals have also been finding increasing favour. These include amethyst opal, Andean opal pink and blue, green opal and striped opal. Thanks to his extensive experience with opals and the first-hand knowledge of the sites in which they are located, Jürgen Schütz is also a frequently-consulted expert. He is the only state-recognised assessor for opals and is officially inspected and appointed for this by the Koblenz Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Headquarters Emil Weis Opals KG, Auf dem Hüttenflur 8, 55743 Kirschweiler, Germany Established 1905 SpecialIties Opals head Jürgen Schütz, President Contact, Tel: +49 6781 333 70, Fax: +49 6781 313 99 Op a l s i n e v e r y c o l o u r o f t h e r a i n b o w Emil Weis Opals KG · 3.1 / D43 The Emil Weis Opals lapidary workshop in Kirschweiler, Germany

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