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Selection Stones and Pearls

WELCO M E TO B ASELWORLD SELECTION STONES AND P EARLS Baselworld 2014 will once again showcase the inspirations and trends of an entire industry. We have therefore published a new edition of the “Baselworld Selection: Stones and Pearls” for you. The aim of this publication is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what Baselworld has to offer in this valuable and luxurious sector for the entire industry. The wonderful variety of pearls, gemstones and diamonds exhibited at Baselworld this year reflects the creativity of a highly tradition-oriented and aesthetically-focused sector. The people who purchase these beautiful and high-end products at the end of a sophisticated process hail from all over the world. The same is true for the public and visitors to Baselworld, who come from all four corners of the globe. No journey is too long or too complicated because they want to see and experience Baselworld with their own eyes. The diversity, which can only be found at Baselworld, is unique, and, without any exaggeration, is the annual highlight of the watch and jewellery industry. The world’s foremost diamond, gemstone and pearl traders will be pleased to welcome you in the elaborately and luxuriously appointed exhibition section of Baselworld. We hope that you will enjoy reading this publication, and we wish you a successful visit to Baselworld 2014. The Show Management “Beauty knows no bounds” B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 0 0 5

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