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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d s e l e c t i o n / 0 4 1 3.1/d09 B i j a n & c o . i n c . Bijan & Co. Inc. is a successful family- owned wholesale business in high-end large jewellery, based in New York City, with an international clientele. Vice president Eliot Elihu describes it and its jewellery. Tell us about Bijan & Co. Our clients are smaller high-end retailers, “appointment only” dealers, and some high-end store chains. Our jewellery is sold worldwide, with designs and large gemstones not found else- where, for very competitive prices. Where is the most business and the most potential? Our business is most active in the Middle East and Asia. The most potential is in the U.S. After its recession, bigger jewellery went out of style there. Now, that business is coming back. Is Bijan’s jewellery its own line or custom- made? About 60 per cent of our business is our own jewellery by our designers and craftsmen, priced from $5,000 to over a million. The rest is custom-made for clients, either in-house or outsourced. Be it custom-made or our own jewellery, how- ever, we cater to whatever our retail clients need and what their customers want. How would you describe Bijan’s gemstones? Our diamonds start at 5 cts. and increase in size. They range in colour from D to fancy (including pink, yellow and blue), and in clarity from Flawless to SI. We also have sapphires over 200 cts., emeralds over 100 cts., and natural and cultured pearls. Our stones are certified by major laboratories, including GIA, EGL, Gubelin, GRS and AGL. Diamonds remain strong, especially yellow and white. But, emeralds have increased in popularity. They’re a hot product now, and we’re developing that market. What’s happening in 2014? We’re increasing our name recognition; entering more trade shows, especially in the Far East; and seeking new clients in more regions. Our websites ( and www. are active, and our Face- book and Instagram pages are being set up. And our family company continues to strengthen business relations with our cli- ents and partners. d e v e l o P i n G t h e e m e r a l d s ’ m a r k e t Bijan & Co. Inc. · 3.1 / D09 BIJan eLIHu, ceo oF Bijan & co. 3 2

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