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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 0 3 5 3.1/D41 A u s t r a l i a P e a r l s It was Pinella Autore, sister of the pearl farmer Rosario, who established Australia Pearls along with Jeff Lassauvageux. The company has been based in Nice since 1997 and is a supplier of the most ­beautiful culturedpearlsfromAustralia,­collaborating exclusively with the biggest pearl farmers, including Autore. “We ­derive our pearls from source in order to obtain the most beautiful ‘A’ quality pearls which are real treasures of nature,” Pinella Autore ­confirms. “Our customers are wholesalers, jewellery manufacturers, designers and ­retailers,” Jeff ­Lassauvageux explains. Australian pearls are renowned across the world for their whiteness and exceptional diameter and are a major plus point in the creation of necklaces in particular. At the last Baselworld, Australia Pearls presented a magnificent necklace featuring 22 white pearls and decorated with diamond- studded foliage in a delicate design. “Australianpearlsarethebest­combination of any cultured pearl in terms of quality, size and colour. These quality pearls are highly sought-after by designers for the big jewellery brands who want to track down the most beautiful pearls. It is also important for us to supply the best ­possible service by identifying the specific ­requirements of our customers because we like to take on a challenge!” In addition to its Australian pearls, the company also offers Tahitian cultured pearls and freshwater pearls, also of ­optimal quality. A three-row necklace comprising 133 pink freshwater pearls and decorated with a diamond lotus flower demonstrates the extraordinary potential of the pearls selected by Australia Pearls. The expertise and experience of Pinella Autore and Jeff Lassauvageux are applied in helping clients source exceptional pearls. Australia Pearls, is headquartered in Nice, France Headquarters Australia pearls, 1 Place Masséna, 06000 Nice, France Established 1997 SpecialIties South Sea Cultured Pearls head Pinella Autore, Jeff Lassauvageux Contact, tel: +33 4 9316 2837 A u s t r a l i a ’ s m o s t b e a u t i f u l Australia Pearls · 3.1 / D41 4

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