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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 2 8 5 3.0/B01 W i l l i a m G o l d b e r g William Goldberg has become one of the most distinguished diamond jewellery houses in the world. Founded more than a half century ago by the legendary master diamond cutter William Goldberg, the company is today managed by his son, Saul, daughter, Eve, and son-in-law, Barry Berg. Third generation Benjamin Goldberg has also joined the company. Based in the heart of New York’s diamond district on William Goldberg Way, the street named after its founder, the famed diamond house has factories in New York, ­Botswana, ­Israel, South Africa, China and India. William Goldberg procures the finest rough and creates the most breathtaking diamond jewellery, which has come to define timeless luxury and elegance. Synonymous with the most renowned gemstones in the world, William Goldberg has shaped some of history’s most famous diamonds, including the 137-carat D Flawless Premier Rose and 102-carat D Flawless Beluga. The company also is known for its pro­prietary, unique ­patented diamond cut, ASHOKA® , an elongated ­antique cushion cut with rounded corners that is crafted from rough stones larger and longer than most. Fewer than one-in- five measure up to the exacting standards for this spectacularly brilliant cut. 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of the introduction of this branded fancy ­diamond, celebrated with the recent launch of a new website AshokaDiamond. com, which showcases singularly special ASHOKA® diamond jewellery. Moreover, the brand features a weekly blog, All About Eve, penned by Eve Goldberg, who shares her insights on the latest industry trends, news and events, as well as fashion and luxury lifestyle topics. Its online ­marketing strategy also is supported by social media initiatives, with the goal ­being to create an online voice for the brand in the age of digital media. William Goldberg will show visitors to Baselworld magnificent diamond ­jewellery and some very high couture pieces to be presented at the show for the first time. Honouring the legacy of their legendary father, William’s son, Saul, daughter, Eve, and son-in-law, Barry Berg, actively run the family business today Headquarters WilliAm Goldberg, william Goldberg way, 589 Fifth Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10017, USA BRands ASHOKA® Established 1952 Specialities Synonymous with THE MOST breathtaking diamond jewellery head Saul Goldberg, Eve Goldberg and Barry Berg Contact,, Tel: +1 212 980 4343, FAX: +1 212 980 6120 D e f i n i n g T i m e l e s s L u x u r y & E l e g a n c e William Goldberg · 3.0 / B01

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