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Selection Stones and Pearls

s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s 2 8 0 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n Vulcan and Co. was founded in 1952 by Mr Ze’ev Vulcan. Today the company manufactures fancy-shape diamonds including pears, hearts, cushions, ovals and emerald cuts. It sells loose stones, matching pairs, fine layouts and calibrated products in all sizes and all colours, from pure white to fancy yellow, ranging in clarity from IF to SI2. Vulcan has a global presence in Israel, Belgium, Hong Kong, Thailand and the USA. Those are the basic facts, but they don’t tell the entire Vulcan story. Founder Mr Ze’ev Vulcan was inspired by the c­ombination of skill and imagination ­needed to create a perfect fancy-shape ­diamond, and he ­challenged himself with that vision of ­artistic perfection. Today’s Vulcan is the culmination of Mr Ze’ev’s vision. Partners Gil Melamed (Mr Ze’ev Vulcan’s grandson) and Meni Ventura (son of fancy-shape diamantaire David Ventura) continue the tradition of creating unique high-end fancy shapes. The process begins with sourcing. Vulcan purchases rough from Africa, Russia, and Canada, buying only conflict-free stones that adhere to the Kimberly Process. Vulcan people also look for special stones around the globe. Much of the rough goes to Vulcan’s fancy shape manufacturing process, where diamond cutters often create fancy shapes customised according to clients’ requests. Customer service begins with what the company calls “the art of listening” and includes utmost discretion and dedication to efficiency. To further assist customers, Vulcan displays a high-resolution image of each diamond on its website. The ­partners also understand that the traditional ­method of selling a diamond – sitting down with customers and showing them beautiful stones – cannot be improved. They promise to bring to Baselworld the most exquisite fancy-shape diamonds, stones that are especially suited to high- end European clients. Headquarters VULCAN AND CO., DIAMOND EXCHANGE, MACCABI BLDG., 1 JABOTINSKY ST., SUITE 1855, RAMAT GAN, 52520, ISRAEL Established 1952 SpecialIties FANCY-SHAPE DIAMONDS head GIL MELAMED AND MENI VENTURA Contact LIORA BOROSKY CHAYU, LIORA@VULCAN-DIAMONDS.COM, www.VULCAN-DIAMONDS.COM Tel: +972 3 612 2737, Fax: +972 3 751 9023 Th e A r t o f F a n c y Sh a p e Vulcan and Co. · 3.0 / E11Vulcan and Co. is headquartered at the Israel Diamond Center (IDC) in Ramat Gan, Israel

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