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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d s e l e c t i o n / 2 6 7 3.1/a17 u h l s c h m u c K & e d e l s t e i n e At the stand of the Swiss company Uhl Schmuck und Edelsteine, the unique beauty of jade can be seen in its full versatility: sometimes like fossilised smoke, sometimes like intermingling watercolours, the colour hues meander through the unusual stones. The objects are not only to be found in typical, mysterious green, but also in more unusual colours such as white, brown, black and a fascinating lavender shade. CEO Bigi Uhl explains what it is that makes the material so magical. How is it that you, as a Swiss, have focused on a material that is so popular in Asia? My father began being interested in jade over 40 years ago. And anyone that begins to take an interest in this fascinating stone can never leave it alone again. Jade is not just a stone, it also brings together history and culture. We are lucky to also have an enormous collection of antique pieces, which we offer exclusively in our online store. Jade is often worked in a highly traditional way โ€“ many classic oriental motifs and forms can be found in the pieces. How can jade be used in a younger, more modern way in jewellery? Jewellery is also part of fashion โ€“ and anything goes in fashion today. Traditional motifs are highly popular. And I also have jade cut to our designs, of course. What kind of pieces will you be bringing to Baselworld 2014? Will there be a particular highlight in the range? Although we also manufacture jewellery at our company I will be bringing unworked, wonderfully cut individual stones and necklaces to Baselworld 2014. There will also be other stone types such as opals, tourmalines, beryls and other fascinating gemstones. BIGI uHL, ceo of uhl schmucK & edelsteine headQuarters uhl schmucK & edelsteine, vordergasse 39, 8200 schaffhausen, switZerland sPecialities jade jewellery head Bigi uhl, ceo contact, tel: +41 52 624 2025, faX: +41 52 624 7754 j a d e โ€“ B e a u t y w i t h h i s t o r y a n d c u l t u r e Uhl Schmuck & Edelsteine ยท 3.1 / A17 2

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