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Selection Stones and Pearls

S T O N E S A N D P E A R L S 2 5 8 / B A S E L W O R L D S E L E C T I O N Swiss Pearls, based in Geneva, Switzer- land, has established itself as one of the finest natural pearl dealers on the market. Specialising in rare and exceptional pearls and gemstones, the company deals in high- quality natural pearls, precious stones, old-cut diamonds and antique jewellery. Additionally it distinguishes itself on the natural pearl market by offering an exclusive stock of rare fancy colour natural pearls in all shapes and sizes. The magnificent single row necklace shown on the right-hand page is a great example of a Swiss Pearls creation, composed of outstanding fancy colour natural pearls ranging from 5.11 to 12.6 mm. Having rare masterpieces in their collection is a key element of success, and they thus present exclusive goods to the market, such as this Meiji period Shibayama inlaid ivory elephant carrying a crystal sphere from Japan, circa 1880, and one of “Nature’s Treasures”, a 30.28 ct unheated Burmese sapphire, pictured on the right-hand page. As everything from a diving instructor to pearl and gemstone dealer, Mr Patrick Flückiger has continuously been expand- ing his company since its establishment in 2006. After having achieved great sales in natural pearls during last year’s show, we are excited to see what this dynamic company will be presenting this year! E X C L U S I V E N A T U R A L P E A R L S A N D R A R E M A S T E R P I E C E S Swiss Pearls · 3.1 / A07 SWISS PEARLS IS PRESENTING NATURAL PEARLS, PRECIOUS STONES AND ANTIQUE JEWELLERY 1 2

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