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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 0 2 5 3.1/A27 AL i n e G m b H “I need to have a good feeling about every stone that I sell, about its quality, its ­beauty and its price,” says Alexander Leuenberger, Managing Director of ALine, one of the most reknowned Swiss ­gemstone traders, “confidence and a fair cooperation with our customers, suppliers and trading partners are the solid ­foundation for a good and sustainable business.” Leuenberger maintains a well-nurtured network of trading partners in the key gemstone mining areas around the world. This grants him access to finest stones in top qualities, such as fantastic Paraiba tourmalines, spessartine, tsavorite, rubies and sapphires, including in large sizes. In Europe the company is also a leader in the trade in spinels, which are offered in colours such as red, pink, violet and silver- light grey. Many of his customers, which include large jewellery houses, as well as selected jewellers, already have very specific ideas about which stones they require in what qualities, sizes and colours for the ­forthcoming collections. But there is also still great demand for surprising and unique stones – which customers ­regularly find at ALine. And for collectors and in- vestors, Leuenberger keeps ­especially large and rare stones in stock. He also places great value on the highest quality of the cut: “Just a top cut that ­perfectly matches the individual charac- teristics of the gemstone is enough to ­display its full beauty.” Alexander Leuenberger, Owner and managing director of ALine Headquarters ALine GmbH, Bernstrasse 246, 3627 Heimberg, Switzerland Established 2000 Specialities Coloured Gemstones head Alexander Leuenberger, Managing director Contact Tel: +41 33 655 0608, Fax: +41 33 655 0610 Wh e n o n l y t h e b e s t q u a l i t y w i l l d o ALine GmbH · 3.1 / A27

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