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Selection Stones and Pearls

s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s 2 4 6 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n The company Shanghai Gems S.A. has been specialising in natural pearls from all four corners of the planet since 1989. “I travel the world from the Caribbean to Indonesia and from the Philippines to Australia or Polynesia in search of the most varied natural pearls,” explains Jose Casares, CEO of Shanghai Gems. “I am in touch with contacts on-site who collaborate directly with the shell fishers. When they find a pearl, it is a real bonus for them because it only happens once or twice a year and they often have to catch around 10,000 shells to find a single pearl! Natural pearls have been sold for over 300 years but fewer are being found than in the past due to pollution and the ­changes in weather conditions caused by climatic upheavals such as the recent events in the Philippines. This is why they are extremely rare and can reach some ­incredible sums during sale at auction.” Shanghai Gems has a customer base of connoisseurs who include specialist pearl dealers as well as high jewellery ­companies in search of these unique pearls. It ­supplies some 30 or so different pearl types – a wide range of natural pearls. The best known, the Melo pearl, comes from a South Sea snail and is clear to orange in tone. The Strombus Gigas is highly sought after for its beautiful shell and delicious flesh which is a delicacy in the Caribbean. It creates delicate pink pearls which can range into clear pink and fuchsia tones. With its iridescent mother-of-pearl, the Pteria Sterna oyster produces shimmering baroque-shaped pearls while the Pinctada Radiata creates perfectly rounded pearls in a delicate white shade. Based in Geneva, Shanghai Gems also has offices in Italy, Spain and Hong Kong in order to meet international demand. “Our  pearls are sold with a gemmology ­certificate which guarantees their origin and quality. When a pearl is sold, you know you will never find the same one elsewhere as they are unique. Natural pearls are not really a business but rather a matter of passion, just like the passion of the art collector,” says Jose Casares. Headquarters Shanghai GEMS S.A., route des Jeunes 5A, 1227 GENEVA, SWiTZERLAND Established 1989 SpecialIties Natural pearls head Jose Casares, CEO Contact, tel: +41 22 309 0920, FAx: +41 22 301 0864 Th e m o s t p r e c i o u s j e w e l s o f n a t u r e Shanghai Gems S.A. · 3.0 / E25 Jose Casares, CEO of Shanghai Gems S.A.

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