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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 2 4 5 S e m i G e m s I n c . 3.1/A31 Semi Gems Inc. sells a lot of products: ­coloured gemstones, fancy-coloured ­diamonds, fine jewellery, antique and ­estate jewellery, and a wide selection of fine natural pearls. The company sells beads, cabochons, carvings, and fancy cuts including rose cuts and briolettes. It offers black diamonds, old mine ­diamonds and fine emeralds. According to Vikas Tongya, vice president of the company, “It’s almost as if with one company, we have two lines. One is modern, ­fashionable high-end ­jewellery, and the other is more estate and natural pearls and fine ­emeralds.” The company, based in New York City, was founded in 1976. “It truly is a ­traditional family business,” Vikas Tongya says. “It started about three generations ago, and everything is hands on, ­everything is ­personally looked after, every detail, from lapidary to final jewellery production.” Semi Gems not only sells a wide range of products, but also does a fair amount of custom work, including custom lapidary work. “If a customer wants to order a ­single repeat item or maybe customise something off our existing line, ­absolutely,” Vikas Tongya explains. He says that one key to the company’s ­success is maintaining competitive prices. “Aside from selling a nice, high-quality ­luxury product, we are very price ­competitive. At the end of it, it has to be saleable at the right price point, and that’s what we strive for. We sell to other ­exhibitors, to manufacturers and other dealers.” Tongya notes that Baselworld visitors can expect to see “a really nice assortment of natural pearls and some large diamonds” at the Semi Gems booth this year. Semi Gems is head­quartered in New York, USA Headquarters SEMI GEMS INC., 576 FIFTH AVE., SUITE 900, NEW YORK, NY 10036, USA Established 1976 SpecialIties ANTIQUE JEWELLERY, NATURAL PEARLS, PRECIOUS STONES head VIKAS TONGYa, ceo Contact VTONGYA@AOL.COM Tel: +1 212 221 4540, Fax: +1 212 921 5057 HAND s - ON SER V ICE Semi Gems Inc. · 3.1 / A31

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