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Selection Stones and Pearls

0 2 2 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s Alain Boite trained as a pearl expert and was taught by his uncle. He created his company in Paris in 1984, specialising in the import and marketing of high quality cultured pearls. As a key supplier to the Place Vendôme and some big international haute jewellery brands, Alain Boite has become an expert in beautiful pearls. “I purchase directly from the source at the farms in order to gain access to the most beautiful pearls,” he explains. “I also ­attend the most important auctions in Hong Kong and Kobe. Asia is a crucial supply and marketing area because I generate 50 percent of my turnover here.” No pearl remains a secret from Alain Boite, whether white South Sea pearls, black Tahitian pearls or gold pearls from the Philippines. “It is a profession which demands a great deal of care and patience. For example, I spent two years putting ­together a necklace of gold Indonesian pearls of 15–17.7 mm diameter. The price also increases considerably for quality pearls of all kinds. My customers come to me to acquire quality pearls which I ­select according to the intrinsic value of the pearl rather than the classic criteria ­applied by some pearl farmers. I favour quality over the calibre of the pearls but, of course, the ideal is to have both! The aspect of culture is also relevant when it comes to the quality criteria and ­aesthetics of the pearls: in the United States, ­customers are on the look-out for large ­diameter pearls in particular whereas in France, it is more about the beauty and colour.” It is also a bit like gemstones with certain colours being favoured by certain cultures such as yellow in Asia and blue in Germany, for example. “The market has changed considerably since the 80s, notably with the arrival of freshwater pearls from China. There are many different qualities of Chinese pearls. True to my principles, I only retain the most beautiful specimens with a specific diameter and especially in the most sought-after pastel shades.” His new guilty pleasure: the natural pearls which he keeps for his own personal ­collection! Headquarters ALain boite S.A.S, 2 Rue Pierre Semard, 75009 Paris, France Established 1984 in paris SpecialIties Cultured pearls head Alain Boite, ceo Contact, tel: +33 1 4281 0180, Fax: +33 1 4596 0264 M a j e s t i c p e a r l s Alain Boite S.A.S · 3.1 / D25 Alain Boite, CEO of Alain Boite

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