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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 2 1 5 3.0/B25 R a c h m i n o v D i a m o n d s 1 8 9 1 LTD . “I’m actually the third generation of a ­family diamond business,” says Eden Rachminov, owner and managing partner of Rachminov Diamonds 1891 Ltd. As a little boy, he frequently visited his father’s diamond manufacturing facility. “As I grew up, I discovered the fascinating world of rare fancy colour diamonds.” Now ­Rachminov brings them to you in all of their natural beauty. And in order to do that, Rachminov’s cutting is the key. “We have developed our own proprietary ­technique for cutting fancy colour ­diamonds which maximises the potential of colour and saturation for fancy colour diamonds,” he says. “Furthermore, we take extreme measures, using cutting-edge tools, ensuring the quality of our gems, from melee up to large sizes. Our clients use a wide range of sizes and shapes for their creations,” notes Rachminov. “At Rachminov Diamonds 1891, you are not limited to certain numbers, sizes or shapes.” Whatever you are looking for, Rachminov Diamonds 1891 is ready to work with you. “The lion’s share of our business is custom orders tailored to the specific needs of our clients.” While some colours are un­ covered quickly, others may take up to a year to find and cut to your specifications. Working in ­fancy colour may not come quickly, but the wait is worth the results. And rest ­assured that the colour of Rach- minov ­Diamonds 1891’s diamonds is from ­Nature. “Of course, all of Rachminov Diamonds 1891’s diamonds are natural colour, and we take rigorous measures to make sure of that. Our customers have zero tolerance to anything but natural fancy colour diamonds.” One very special note here is to tell you that not only is Eden Rachminov ­passionate about fancy colour diamonds, he is also the author of the book entitled “The Fancy Color Diamond Book”, one of the finest and most beautiful reference books on fancy colour diamonds. And we just might see book no. 2. “For the past year, we have been working on my next book which will also be ­accompanied by a cutting-edge ­application. This book is a more practical tool for the trade and ­unlike “The Fancy Color Diamond Book”, which provided all the basic ­information on this subject, the second book, which we think will be ­revolutionary, is aimed ­mainly at industry professionals and will provide them with a tool that will change the way they deal and trade in fancy colour ­diamonds.” At the time of our interview, Rachminov was at the final stage of the book, and hopefully will be able to launch it here at Baselworld. A W o r l d o f R a r e F a n c y C o l o u r D i a m o n d s Rachminov Diamonds 1891 Ltd. · 3.0 / B25 Eden Rachminov, Owner and Managing Partner of Rachminov Diamonds 1891

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