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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 2 1 3 3.0/E01 P r o V o c k a t i v e G e m s , I n c . HIGHLIGHTS — 1) A Fine Two Row Natural Pearl Necklace measuring 9.62 x 4.60 mm and weighing 229.78 carats. 2) A Bulgari Ruby and Diamond Brooch. Headquarters ProVockative Gems, Inc., 608 Fifth Ave, Suite 703, New York, NY 10020, USA eSTABlISHED 1983 SPECIALITIES Natural Pearls, Fine Colour Stones, Old Cut Diamonds, Signed Estate Jewellery head Alex Vock, CEO Contact Sara Payne Thomeier,, Tel: +1 212 980 4249, Fax: +1 212 355 4282 2

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