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Selection Stones and Pearls

s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s 2 1 0 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n “We have been a family-owned business for many generations,” says Shailesh ­Jhalani, CEO of Prompt Gem Importer Inc. Based in New York City, Prompt has been selling diamonds, fancy colour ­diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires for over 35 years. “I am the third ­generation. We’re focused on the fine ­unusual quality gems.” Think of Prompt as a supplier of the rarer gems: colourless diamonds, fancy colour diamonds, large diamonds and in- vestment grade diamonds. “For example, we will have 50 carats, a D colour round brilliant, and a close to 6 carats Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink,” says Jhalani. Talking about rare and unusual colours diamonds, Prompt Gem will have Intense Blue, Pink, Vivid Yellow and Vivid Orange, gemstones that are rare and collectable. “We’ll have emeralds, rubies, and sapphires of very high quality, ­primarily 5 carats and larger. Our focus is mainly on the larger sizes,” says Jhalani, “with a greater focus on 10 carats plus. We carry only fine to gem quality.” “With colourless diamonds, we are mainly focused on D through J colours, Internally Flawless to SI1 in clarity. With fancy ­colour diamonds, we like VS quality and higher,” says Jhalani, “Our clients are looking for something unusual, something like an orange diamond, an orange-pink, or intense pink. With coloured gems, they look to us for natural unheated untreated gems, including emeralds. They’re also looking to us for estate jewellery as well, fine signature pieces, like Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, trying to stay away from the norm.” What does he think will be hot this year? “I feel that in colour diamonds specifically, pink diamonds and blue diamonds are very hot right now. Also yellows, but certainly there’s more popularity in the pinks and blues. We also carry a large range of other fancy colour diamonds, for example, from Fancy Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow. With coloured gems, we try to stay primarily with unheated Burma rubies, Kashmir sapphires, and Colombian emeralds with minor to no oil.” Size doesn’t seem to be a factor here at Prompt Gem. Also this year, look to their stand for fancy shape diamonds – “10 ­carats pear shapes, ovals, and cushions.” Kailash Jhalani, President of Prompt Gem Shailesh Jhalani, CEO of Prompt Gem T h e B i g F o u r i n R a r e a n d u n u s u a l C o l o u r s Prompt Gem Importers Inc. · 3.1 / E43

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