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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d s e l e c t i o n / 2 0 9 3.1/a39 P r i s m a i m P e x i n c Prisma Impex Inc is a successful diamond manufacturer and trader, established in 1997 and headquartered in New York City in the USA. It is led by owner and president Ashish Modi, a self-made businessman with an acknowledged “passion for diamonds.” The company specialises in natural fancy colour investment diamonds, especially yellow ones. They range in size from 3 carats to 20 carats, come in a variety of shapes, and are Flawless to VS2 in clarity. “We don’t touch or make goods that are SI quality and lower,” says Modi. All Prisma Impex’s diamonds are certified by the GIA. While specialising in coloured diamonds, its exclusive collections also contain white diamonds, precious coloured stones and fine jewellery. Customer service is of great importance to the company and its president. “Our goal is to satisfy our customers and their needs,” Modi explains. In re-cutting and polishing the high-end stones, “we manu- facture them to perfection and as per our clients’ requirements, and we offer our customers the best product at the best price in the market.” “Our main concern” he says, “is to have a long-lasting relationship with our customers, one that is based on trust, respect and fairness.” aSHISH modI, ceo of Prisma imPex headQUarters Prisma imPex inc, 580 5th aVe ste # 619, new york, ny 10036, Usa estaBlished 1997 sPecialities natUral fancy coloUred diamonds head ashish modi, ceo contact, tel: +1 212 380 1091, +1 212 777 9111, fax: +1 212 777 9112 B U s i n e s s B a s e d o n t r U s t a n d f a i r n e s s Prisma Impex Inc · 3.1 / A39 2

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