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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 2 0 5 “My late father, Isaac Pluczenik, started the company in 1948, so I was born into the world of diamonds,” remembers Chaim Pluczenik, now CEO of Pluczenik Diamond Co. NV. “I was fortunate to inherit his passion for both diamonds, as well as for the business.” Pluczenik Diamond is one of the few diamantaires genuinely able to supply all shapes and sizes, due to its unrivalled volume and range of rough supply. “Our customers come to us for the full range of sizes and shapes, from pointers right up to the very largest diamonds. Nevertheless, we have been seeing strong demand for 3 to 5 carats diamonds, as well as for diamonds over 10 carats.” And ­Pluczenik can deliver the goods! Pluczenik’s own manufacturing in Antwerp, Botswana and Namibia, and with its partners in China and India, provides a huge variety of and resources in cutting and polishing skills, in order for the company to meet changes ­downstream quickly and efficiently. “As long as the rough is available from the mines,” notes Pluczenik, “we can provide it. We have a wide-ranging supply, one of the best in the trade, allowing us to meet substantial ­demand, both in volume and variety.” “Our network of offices around the world provides clients with an ideal balance of global expertise and local knowledge.” Pluczenik Diamond is a full service ­diamond supplier. This includes ­providing goods for high-end jewellery for the Independent, to more affordable jewellery programmes for the Majors. And these are all natural diamonds – no synthetics here. “Yes, 100 percent natural; we would not consider trading in anything else. Diamonds are symbols of emotion, love and purity: only a natural diamond is worthy of these.” Now there’s the passion! And they have the passion to bring out the very best from each rough crystal. “Our state-of-the-art factories and expert diamond polishers have the skills to always draw the maximum potential from the rough. We strive for the best, yet at the same time recognising that every stone, even one of lower quality, is unique and therefore potentially special for a consumer.” “We have some proprietary cuts, yes, including 97 and 144-faceted cuts.” But if you want something extra special, then let Pluczenik cut it for you. “That depends of course on the complexity and size of the rough diamond. It can go from a few days to months for the rare large diamonds, where careful analysis of the diamond itself and insight into changing market conditions are essential.” 3.0/D11 P l u c z e n i k D i a m o n d C o . NV Chaim Pluczenik, Ceo of Pluczenik Diamond Co. G l o b a l e x p e r t i s e a n d l o c a l k n o w l e d g e Pluczenik Diamond Co. NV · 3.0 / D11 22

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