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Selection Stones and Pearls

B A S E L W O R L D S E L E C T I O N / 2 0 3 3.1/B17 P I O N E E R G E M S HEADQUARTERS PIONEER GEMS, 62 WEST 47TH STREET, SUITE #711, NEW YORK, NY 10036, USA ESTABLISHED 1982 SPECIALITIES COLOMBIAN EMERALDS, NATURAL PEARLS HEAD ASHOK SANCHETI, OWNER CONTACT PIONEER576@AOL.COM, WWW.PIONEERGEMS.COM TEL: +1 212 391 4490, FAX: +1 212 391 8765 2 “If it’s white, it’s platinum, if we use yellow, it’s 18-karat gold,” Sancheti notes. “Fine jewellery pieces made around fine gemstones are very wearable, and at the same time they’re investment quality things,” he adds. Pioneer will “be bringing some new natural pearl items specifically for the Baselworld show and some special jewellery,” Sancheti says. In addition to natural pearls, Baselworld buyers should also expect to see fine gemstones and gemstone jewellery, including Sancheti’s first love, Colombian emeralds. “Because we started off as an emerald company, fifty per cent of our jewellery is based on Colombian emeralds,” Sancheti says. “We still have an affinity for that.”

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