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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d s e l e c t i o n / 1 9 3 3.0/d13 n o V e l c o l l e c t i o n The Novel Collection, a natural fancy colour diamond specialist, is owned by the Mashiah family. One of the pioneers in the Israeli diamond industry, Albert Mashiah, started the Novel Collection over fifty years ago. Today, through their eight offices in five countries, they can provide you with with an A to Z of services, and they have the answers to any needs in fancy colour diamonds – any size, any colour, and any shape. “Through our Israel and Belgium offices, we source rough diamonds from mines all over the world. Our factory utilises the most cutting-edge methods to unlock the brilliance within each colour diamond,” a company spokesperson says. “With our worldwide branches, and through our rough factory, we aim to fulfil all of our clients’ needs. And special orders are welcome all the time.” Not only does the Novel Collection carry a full line of loose goods, they also carry a full line of diamond jewellery, “designed to show off our incredible collection of fancy colour diamonds, from amazing graduated necklaces, to elegant chandelier earrings, and glamorous single colour diamond rings. We also have natural colour layouts, ready to be set.” The Novel Collection is dedicated to bringing you complete access to some of the rarest and most amazing diamonds nature can provide. “We have a large variety of rare and amazing single stones from 1-carat and up, and under 1-carat in fancy yellow, fancy pink, fancy blue, and more fancy colours – all GIA certified.” “We also have a variety of pairs in fancy shapes, from 0.20 carats, up to 1 carat, sorted into four grades of yellows, and these too are ready to be set in jewellery. In addition, we have large certified pairs in a variety of fancy colours.” The Novel Collection carries a large stock of fancy melee, all sorted by exact size, from 0.5 mm and up, in a variety of fancy colours such as fancy pink, fancy yellow and multicolour parcels. “We will have with us rare single stones in fancy colours, as well as in fancy shapes that are set into amazing jewellery and layouts. We are not here just to sell diamonds. We’re here to help our clients grow their business.” eyaL maSHIaH, owner of noVel collection f a n c y c o l o u r d i a M o n d s – n a t u r a l l y ! Novel Collection · 3.0 / D13

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