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Selection Stones and Pearls

1 8 8 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s The family-run company Nimesh Gem was started by Umakant Manania over 20 years ago. The business is now in the able hands of his sons Nimesh and Jayesh. Headquartered in the diamond city of India, which is Mumbai, Nimesh Gem specialises in manufacturing diamonds in mainly old cuts, rose cuts and moghul cuts. All the cutting is done in-house in their state-of-the-art factories in Mumbai and Gujarat, where about 150 highly skilled workers produce magnificent goods. We talked to Nimesh Manania, Managing Director of the company. What are your plans for Baselworld 2014? We will showcase diamond pearls, diamond cabochons and a unique cut – portrait-frame in diamond shape – all manufactured by us. Highlights will be a big collection of briolettes and old mine stones, such as Type II A Golconda stones. What trends for 2014 do you see in the gem and jewellery industry in terms of design and is there an increasing demand for particular goods? In my experience Baselworld is a ­trendsetter. The new designs that we see here with some big companies are popular throughout the year. The demand for gems such as emeralds and rubies are crossing all boundaries. For fine and ­better goods this is the best show in the world. People come here to buy nice and expensive things. What differentiates your company from your contemporaries? We are in a very niche market. We manu- facture different shapes like rose cuts, old cuts, briolettes and many unique ­products. Our goods come from only 3 per cent of rough supply that is there in the market, so there is always a shortage of goods. Our customer tell us what designs they have in their mind and give us their order and we have to satisfy their needs by finding the raw material when its available. In ­solitaires it is the other way around: ­customers have a huge choice and select who can give them a cheap and consistent supply. Where does your company’s core expertise lie? Our strength is that we can produce ­anything imaginable – such as a portrait- frame cut from one single piece of ­diamond. We take orders of precise MM size in odd shapes, not necessarily ­solitaire or regular cut diamonds. We ­always try to cut something new which no-one has seen. Headquarters NIMESH GEM, 273/04, Aradhana Building, Girgaum Opera House, Mumbai 400 004, India Established 1993 SpecialIties Unusual Diamond Cuts manufactured in-house head Nimesh Manania, Managing Director Contact Tel: +91 22 2385 0888, Fax: +91 22 2388 1551 U n i q u e D i a m o n d C u t s Nimesh Gem · 3.0 / D17 Nimesh Manania, Managing Director of Nimesh Gem

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