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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 1 8 5 3.1/F27 N a p r a G e m s B . v . b . a . Napra Gems B.v.b.a. from Antwerp, ­Belgium, was founded in 1996, and ­today, less than twenty years later, the very ­successful family-run company has ­offices in India, Hong Kong, Thailand and USA. Likewise, the customer-base spans the world, all benefitting from the excellent stones cut and polished by Napra Gems’ workforce of 200 people in India. Even though the company’s inventory ­consists of diamonds, rubies and sapphires of the finest qualities, as well as ­aquamarines and tourmalines, it is the ­emeralds from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan and Afghanistan that Amit Jain, CEO, mentions first: “We specialise in 5  carats+ Zambian emeralds in top ­qualities, and gem-quality beads,” he says, while proudly being able to show excellent gemstones that would be enough to make any lady literally turn green with envy. In Amit Jain’s opinion, precious stones have been doing very well for the past couple of years, and his prediction is that demand will continue to be reason­ably strong in the near future. He recommends investments in unique or high-quality ­coloured gemstones: since the supply of fine quality gemstones is usually scarce, the prices will stay high. “At Napra Gems, we feel passionate about gemstones, as their beauty brings colour to life,” Jain Amit finishes. So whether you fancy a briolette-cut diamond, an emerald-cut green beauty from Colombia or a traditional carved gemstone bead made by the best of India, Napra Gems are happy to fulfil all gemstone wishes. Napra Gems B.v.B.A. is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium Headquarters Napra Gems B.v.b.a., Rijfstraat 3, 5th Floor, Box-7, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium Established 1996 Specialities diamonds and Coloured stones Head Amit Jain, CEO Contact, Tel: +32 3 231 0878, Fax: +32 3 213 0900 b r i n g i n g c o l o u r t o l i f e Napra Gems B.v.b.a. · 3.1 / F27

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