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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 1 7 3 3.1/E23 M a r c e l P o n c e t S . A . S . The Marcel Poncet S.A.S. company dates back over three generations. Marcel Poncet, who is originally from Jura, the birthplace of master lapidaries, founded the company in 1917 as a stone-cutting workshop initially. He quickly expanded his activities to include gemstone dealing. Today the company is based on the ­prestigious rue de la Paix in Paris. Eric Ruskoné, the grandson of Marcel Poncet, instigated the international ­development of the company. For the last 40 years, he has been specialising in ­exceptional precious gemstones. “Over the last few years, ‘beautiful ­pieces’ – natural and non-heat treated – have become increasingly rare. Mines are ­running empty and prices are soaring,” Ruskoné reports. “Luckily, we have ­selected some of the most important ­producers in the world to work with over the last few generations. We have ­gradually built up favourable relations with them to secure the best selection, first viewing and best prices. This allows us to satisfy the requirements of our ­customers who include both traders and important international jewellers.” The company has offices as well as ­lapidary workshops located at the heart of the golden triangle of French jewellery making, the Place Vendôme. From here, it is able to meet the daily demands of the big French and European brands. “Our highly qualified lapidaries are widely appreciated by our customers who are always on the look-out for excellence and service. We buy few raw stones and ­generally start with coarsely cut stones which we re-cut in our own workshops to create exceptional gemstones.” All of these precious stones – quality ­rubies, non-heat treated sapphires and ­emeralds – are certified by the ­international gemmological laboratories. For the last few years, Eric Ruskoné has been ­expanding his selection of ­exceptional precious stones, too. “We are always in search of new stones and offer new ­materials in ­unusual colours to enrich the creations of our prestigious clients and meet the ever- growing demands,” he concludes. Lapidary workbench from the 19th century Headquarters Marcel Poncet S.A.S., 9, rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris, FRANCE Established 1917 SpecialIties Lapidary and dealer of coloured gemstones head Eric Ruskoné, CEO Contact, Tel: +33 1 4770 6495, Fax: +33 1 4824 0906 F i n e a n d r a r e g e m s f o r t h e c r e a t i v e Marcel Poncet S.A.S. · 3.1 / E23

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