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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 1 7 1 3.1/A05 M a r c H P r i n c S . A . Marc H Princ S.A. presents and offers ­jewellery and exceptional stones to an ­expert customer base in all four corners of the world. The company has been based in the diamond dealer and jewellery ­workshop quarter of Paris since 1981 and specialises in purchasing items from ­private ­individuals and then increasing their value by re-shaping or restoring them. These stones and items of jewellery are largely discovered in France with the aid of jewellers who are approached by ­families seeking to sell jewellery pieces from their collections for all kinds of ­reasons. The special thing about Marc H Princ is that the company has established a favoured network of friends and clients all around the world. “I can re-sell the ­diamonds ­directly on the stock markets of Tel Aviv, Anvers and New York or ­sapphires and ­rubies in Bangkok,” Marc Princ reports. “Thanks to having a rich international network comprising over 30  years of ­experience, I am able to track down ‘rare gems’ to meet demand from professionals and key amateurs”. During last Baselworld 2013, the company ­presented an excep- tional Padparadja ­sapphire of 28 ­carats set in a ring. “It is a Padparadja sapphire from Ceylon worthy of the best museums ­because it is one of the most beautiful specimens on the ­market!” he says. Marc Princ also has a weakness for ­magnificent diamonds with their ­mysterious radiance. He remembers his emotion when he discovered a cushion- cut diamond in a vivid yellow colour weighing 74.74 carats which he sold in ­India and a brooch from an 18th century princely family: a feel of true satisfaction at discovering these items which are well worth a look and instil a sense of curiosity. “Throughout my career, customers, ­suppliers, stone cutters and lapidaries have always been generous in sharing their expertise and experience with me.” This is a career of passion which is spread by sharing knowledge with other ­passionate people! Marc H Princ is headquartered in Paris, FranceTh e c h a r m o f Th e D i s c o v e r i e s Marc H Princ S.A. · 3.1 / A05

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