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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 1 6 5 3.1/B07 M . I . D . H o u s e o f D i a m o n d s L t d . M.I.D. House of Diamonds Ltd. is one of the world’s largest diamond manu­facturers and suppliers and one of Israel’s top ­diamond exporters, ranking second in 2013. President Benny Meirov talks about its customer support and technological expertise. M.I.D. offers diamonds in all cuts, shapes, colours and sizes. What’s selling best? Lately, fancy colours and speciality items have been soaring. Out of our mainstream production, 2 cts.-plus in fancy shapes and rounds are doing well, too. You also offer one-of-kind jewellery. We only do diamond jewellery, using our own diamonds. They’re high-end, ­intricate pieces, about 90 per cent ­custom-made for clients. Prices go from $5,000 to $1.2 million. M.I.D. has a close relationship with clients. Give us an example of your customer support. One is our network of regional satellite offices, which are a direct line from suppliers and manufacturers to local retailers. They’re one-stop shops, which provide retailers with whatever they need. These local offices, staffed by local people, let us get close to our retail customers, know swiftly what’s selling in a region and respond quickly to demand. There are now eight worldwide, ­including new ones in Shanghai and London. We open one per year. You are also famous for your many social media activities. How do you use these? We’re probably the most technologically- advanced company in the diamond ­industry. We are on Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter, and offer 1-800 calling worldwide. At our headquarters, we have state-of-the-art departments for Internet development, IT and ­professional photo­graphy. We understand Internet marketing and offer more services than anyone. Our website has live feeds of our inventory, items’ current status and ­pricing. If anyone anywhere clicks on the website on a stone, we know ­immediately where it is in our inventory and can send it quickly to that person. What is planned for 2014? We’ll unveil our renovated website, ­introduce new mobile applications and continue to maintain our excellent service and support. Benny Meirov (left), Joseph Meirov (right), owners of M.I.D. House of Diamonds Headquarters M.I.D. House Of Diamonds Ltd., 23 Tuval Street, Noam Building, 13th Floor, Ramat-Gan 52521, Israel Established 1977 SpecialIties Diamonds of all shapes and sizes (from 0.30 ct. to 10+ cts.), parcels, single stones, matched pairs, and layouts head Benny Meirov, President; Dotan Meirov, COO; Michael Meirov, CEO. Contact, Tel: +972 3 575 7155, Fax: +972 3 575 5164 C l o s e c o n n e c t i o n s M.I.D. House of Diamonds Ltd. · 3.1 / B07

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