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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 0 1 5 3.1/E45 A G C o l o r I n c . If you thought that tanzanite was just one colour or that all tanzanite was heat ­treated, then you need to go and see A G Color Inc. and have your eyes opened. Like many of those in the loose gem business, A G Color is a multi-generational family tradition. “My father and grand­ father have been in the gemstone business in Jaipur, and that’s how we came into the emerald business, and then eventually to the tanzanite business. That was in 1990,” says Hemant Phophaliya, President. A G Color opened in New York in 1999, selling natural emeralds and ­tanzanites. It is a ­Tanzanite­One sightholder. “Tanzanite is a far bigger business in the US, but in India, both emerald and tanzanite are big.” With A G Color, you will find that they are a tanzanite “one-stop shop.” This means that you can get almost anything when it comes to tanzanite and tanzanite jewellery. “We have everything, of course, from 2 mm rounds, which are 4-pointers, up to 400 carats, in stock.” The beauty of tanzanite is that you have a choice as to which face-up colour you ­prefer. And A G Color is prepared. “I have observed that different markets are ­looking for different colours. For example, in the United States and around the U.S., e.g. in the Caribbean, they prefer the more purple side, whereas for those in Europe, China, and other eastern ­countries, they seem to be looking for more bluish tanzanite.” “Rounds, cushions, pear shapes are the most recently requested,” says Phophaliya. “We’re doing very well with large pear shapes.” Of course, their large 20, 30, 40-carat tear drops, polished as well as faceted, are always a great seller. And for fine cut and quality goods, A G Color has their niche. “You can definitely find what you want here,” says Phophaliya. “Anything fine, anything very high end, very nicely cut.” And even more unique, fine quality and rare – ­unheated tanzanite! As you know, most tanzanite is heated to produce that purple-blue ­colour. But there are some tanzanites that ­Mother Nature has produced all on her own, and you can find them here at A G Color. “We are bringing a very fine collection of goods to Baselworld,” says Phophaliya. “We’re bringing very large pairs, singles, layouts, and suites from which to choose. You will find an exceptional collection of tanzanites here that will certainly fulfil all of your needs.” Hemant Phophaliya, President of A G Color, seen here holding a fabulous 175.54 cts. cabochon heart-shape tanzanite A l l t h e c o l o u r s o f t a n z a n i t e A G Color Inc. · 3.1 / E45

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