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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d s e l e c t i o n / 1 4 3 3.1/E25 J a n s o n ‘ s i m P o r t - e X P o r t o h G HIGHLIGHts — 1) paIr oF EmEraLDs, Pear shaPed, from ZamBia. 2) paIr oF sappHIrEs, Pear shaPed, from ceylon, sri lanKa. 3) paIr oF BUrmEsE rUBIEs, oval. headquarters Janson’s imPort–eXPort ohG, mainZer str. 34, 55743 idar-oBerstein, Germany estaBlished 1968 sPecialities coloured Gemstones, diamonds head Bharat B. Jain, ceo contact, tel: +49 6781 434 87, faX: +49 6781 419 43 32 With manufacturers in Jaipur, India and Bangkok, Thailand and a network of distributors in India, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Janson’s Import-Export supplies a global customer base, with a focus on Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. Jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers and high-end jewellers have been key customers of the company for decades. At Baselworld the company is displaying a cross-section of its varied range of high- quality coloured gemstones and diamonds in different sizes and impressive cuts.

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