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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 1 3 9 3.1/B43 J . R . D i a m B V B A With offices in India, the USA, Hong Kong, Bahrain and Thailand, J.R. Diam BVBA is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diamond briolettes, beads, rose cut, Taviz cut and old mine cut diamonds. In ­addition to this, the group has also ­created its own exclusive cuts, namely the SS Cut, RSS Cut and NSS Cut. Black diamonds in all shapes and other fancy-cut diamonds are also among the specialities. The company exports its diamonds and diamond jewellery to clients worldwide in Asia, Europe, the Far East, the Gulf ­countries and USA. The company is ­headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, and this gives J.R. Diam easy and direct ­access to the rough diamonds from Antwerp and by extension also from Israel. J.R. Diam is known for its high-quality jewellery made of briolettes; in order to maintain this level of perfection, the ­company employs the newest and fastest techniques for cutting and polishing rough diamonds. Diamond briolettes are drilled in-house with the company’s own laser unit. The company takes great pride in the quality of its diamond and diamond jewellery,itsuniquecutting,­craftsmanship, reasonable pricing and its customers’ trust and satisfaction. Jayanti Sanspara, CEO of J.R. Diam Headquarters J.R. DIAM BVBA, OFFICE 313, HOVENIERSSTRAAT 2, 2018 ANTWERP, BELGIUM Established 1999 SpecialIties CUT AND POLISHED DIAMONDS and HIGH-QUALITY DIAMOND JEWELLERY head Jayanti Sanspara, CEO Contact EUROPE@JRDIAMGROUP.COM, WWW.JRDIAMGROUP.COM TEL: +32 32 838 211, FAX: +32 32 261 555 F a n t a s t i c d i a m o n d b r i o l e t t e s J.R. Diam BVBA · 3.1 / B43

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