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Selection Stones and Pearls

1 2 6 / B A S E L W O R L D S E L E C T I O N S T O N E S A N D P E A R L S Crocodiles, rhinoceroses and even ice- skating polar bears await visitors to the stand of Herbert Klein OHG at Baselworld 2014. Alongside these there are radiant blossoms and leaves, some bound into bouquets – and all artistically engraved from the finest gemstones. These engravings are the work of Stefan Klein, who runs the family company with his sister Gabriele, as the fourth generation to do so. With an incredible eye for detail he turns raw materials into true works of art in his workshop. “I watch films, read books or go to the zoo to familiarise myself with the animals and all of their characteristics as best as I can,” he says. This is why every scale on the skin of a crocodile, every wrinkle on the hide of an elephant or the fur of a bear appears remarkably lifelike. Stefan Klein’s charming sense of humour is also evident in much of his work: a monkey with head- phones appears lost in the music it is lis- tening to, a golf-playing polar bear seems to be thoroughly concentrating. Every facial contour is highlighted with maxi- mum precision, because the expression only appears realistic when every nuance has been displayed accurately. The intricacy of the work is reflected in the degree of difficulty: time and again Stefan Klein has to hold the sculpture with its full weight in different angles against the grinding wheel until the perfect expression is achieved. A further speciality of the company is flowers and blossoms in high-quality gemstones, such as tourmaline, rubellite or tanzanite. No compromises are made with regard to the quality: only the best, facet-capable material is used. “Many people gasp when they see these,” says Gabriele Klein, “but only the fact that we use the best materials enables us to offer carvings in the finest quality.” F I N E S T O N E S , F I N E D E T A I L S , F I N E H U M O U R Herbert Klein OHG · 3.1 / B01 BROTHER AND SISTER, STEFAN AND GABRIELE KLEIN, MANAGING DIRECTORS OF HERBERT KLEIN 1

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