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Selection Stones and Pearls

s t o n e s a n d p e a r l s 1 1 8 / B a s e l w o r l d s e l e c t i o n Paraiba tourmalines, tsavorite, imperial topaz, sapphires in blue, champagne and pink – rare gemstones in perfect quality and immaculate beauty are in greater demand than ever. The colourful stars of nature are becoming increasingly scarce. Many gemstone deposits are already exhausted. Groh + Ripp is nevertheless able to offer an enormous range of the finest rare gemstones: the Idar-Oberstein- based gemstone cutters has a treasure chamber that is almost one-of-a-kind – an enormous stock of uncut stones, established over the course of decades. This enables many customer wishes to be fulfilled, even the most unusual. The fact that Bernd Willi Ripp, CEO, set off in search of interesting finds after setting up the company with his wife, Stefanie, has paid off. To this day, he and his daughter Nicole continue to purchase coloured stones in a targeted manner – whether it is for special customer requests or uncut stones that are made to sparkle at the company cutting facility in Idar-Oberstein. The diversity of Groh + Ripp grants it the luxury of being able to offer the right gemstones for all trends. The coloured gemstone specialist is also able to satisfy most unusual requests. The direct, often personal contact with mine operators and suppliers of uncut stones from all around the world is one of the strengths of the Ripp family. “Many mine owners show us their new finds first, before offering them on the global market,” reports Bernd Willi Ripp. “This means that we also find rare gemstones that are impossible or nearly impossible to find in the quality required.” “The goal of Groh + Ripp is to only offer the finest stones in perfect quality. As a consequence, no compromises are made when buying them,” says Nicole Ripp. Numerous stages are then required before the gemstones shine in their optimal beauty. At Groh + Ripp the striving for perfection in each of these stages is evident in the processing of the stones, where practical, state-of-the-art technology is applied. If hand craftsmanship is called for, then only the most skilled cutters and lapidarists are contracted. The result is a colourful sparkle that makes Groh + Ripp’s stand shine like a fairytale wonderland at Baselworld. r a r e B e a u t i e s r a r e B e a u t i e s f r o m t h e V e r y f r o m t h e V e r y f i r s t s i G h t Groh + Ripp · 3.0 / B09 BERND WILLI RIPP, ceo of Groh + ripp 1 2

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