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Selection Stones and Pearls

s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s 1 1 6 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n Global Gems specialises in antique ­jewellery and gemstones from various eras. Over the course of decades, the company has succeeded in establishing an excellent reputation in the trade and boasts the very best international contacts, which in turn enable it to offer its customers an ­extensive collection of  jewellery and ­gemstones: precious one-offs from the ­Victorian age, the ­period of Art Deco and the Belle Époque, as well as selected diamonds, sapphires, rubies, ­emeralds and natural pearls. “It ­always f­ascinates me how every jewel and gem that we deal with is very unique and rare in its own right,” says CEO Vinit Rakyan. “That these pieces tell a story of many decades and even cen- turies, yet ­continue to show their beauty and lustre on the present and future wearer.” For ­decades now, customers throughout the world have appreciated Global Gems as leading ­experts in the field of antique ­jewellery. Founded in 1980 by Vinit ­Rakyan in ­Idar-Oberstein, Germany, today his sons ­Anshul and Ashir continue the family ­tradition of ­jewellery trading in the seventh generation as Managing ­Directors. “Knowledge and ­responsibility are passed on from one generation to the next,” says Anshul Rakyan. “The passion for sophisticated ­jewellery and unique jewels unites our ­family.” The company takes part in all leading international trade fairs and shows such as Baselworld. “At Baselworld 2014 we will show, in addition to our antique jewellery collections, ­various gems from mines of the past that do not ­exist anymore, as well as our magnificent ­natural pearl collection,” says Ashir ­Rakyan. “All these will be a delight for innovative ­jewellers, investors and collectors alike.” T h e f i n e s t p i e c e s w i t h a h i s t o r y Global Gems · 3.1 / A33 Vinit Rakyan, Founder of Global Gems 1

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