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Selection Stones and Pearls

B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n / 1 1 5 3.1/N08 G e r h a r d H a h n p e a r l A G The Gerhard Hahn Pearl AG range begins where that of most gemstone and pearl traders ends: the company focuses ­exclusively on the premium segment of gemstones and South Sea cultured pearls, as it has done for over 100 years and across four generations. Company founder Otto Hahn launched the company in 1901, rapidly becoming the leading gemstone trader of his time. Today, Chairman Michael Hahn, his wife, Catherine, and sons, Alexandre, Lawrence and Philip continue this legacy. However, the origins of Gerhard Hahn lie in Paris, France. It was also located in Hamburg, Berlin and Wiesbaden before moving to Düsseldorf in 1952. The Hahn family travels the world ­purchasing the finest coloured gemstones. These mostly comprise rubies, sapphires and emeralds from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kashmir and Madagascar, as well as South Sea cultured pearls from Australia, Tahiti, Indonesia and the Philippines and ­freshwater cultured pearls from Japan and Hong Kong. The cosmopolitan family has spent time living in the USA and Canada and is a ­master of its trade: Michael Hahn is a ­graduate gemmologist, as are his sons ­Alexandre and Lawrence. The latter also completed a comprehensive ­apprenticeship with an Australian pearl farmer. “We believe that it is important to know the precise origin of each gemstone and pearl and to guarantee that each ­gemstone and each pearl is a natural product that has not undergone any artificial ­improvement such as radiation, thermal or chemical ­treatment. In order to guarantee this trust each ­gemstone is accompanied by a ­certificate from a leading European ­gemmological ­laboratory,” says Michael Hahn. “We specialise in a category of goods that is highly valuable and rare,” he explains. Together with his sons, he aims to further expand this strategy in the future. Their mutual philosophy consists of supplying the best quality to brand manufacturers. “We supply superb natural products – however, we leave the actual creative work to our customers,” adds Alexandre Hahn. He knows that the customers – internationally-renowned jewellery brands, as well as top jewellers and goldsmiths – appreciate the reliably high Hahn quality as much as the freedom to work the products as they choose. To show what can become of the rare natural beauties, Gerhard Hahn also has a number of ­exquisite jewels on display on its stand. Michael Hahn, Chairman of Gerhard Hahn Pearl AG H i gH l y v a l u a b l e a n d R a r e Gerhard Hahn Pearl AG · 3.1 / N08

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