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Selection Stones and Pearls

s t o n e s a n d P e a r l s 1 1 2 / B a s e l w o r l d S e l e c t i o n There are many family firms in the gem and jewellery industry, but few are led by a father and son team of experts as is Gemcut SA. The 38-year-old business, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is headed by Patrick Aldridge, F.G.A. and Matthew Aldridge, G.G. Both men are respected gemologists, with extensive experience in  gemstones and diamonds. Patrick Aldridge, F.G.A., is a prize-winning ­lapidary. Matthew Aldridge is recognised in the worldwide gem trade as an expert in coloured diamonds. Together, they bring more than a half century of ­experience in the mining, gem cutting and manufacturing sectors of the ­industry. The company specialises in buying and selling high-quality natural fancy ­coloured diamonds, all of which come with gem lab certificates. It deals ­occasionally in fine gemstones (especially rubies, sapphires and fine natural pearls). It is also an importer and wholesaler of finished fine jewellery in conjunction with its parent company, Patrick Aldridge Ltd of London. That includes white and ­coloured diamond jewellery, gem set ­jewellery (emerald, ruby and sapphire), fine gold jewellery (18K and 24K), and  platinum jewellery. Its best-sellers, ­however, remain rare fancy coloured ­diamonds of high value, say the Aldridges. The company is an authorised Argyle Pink Diamond partner, and a member of the Natural Coloured Diamond ­Association and the London Diamond Bourse. The father-and-son team’s expertise in gemstones is combined with a sense of pride in the quality of their gems, their competitive prices, and especially, they say, in the personalised service and ­support which they provide for their clients. Headquarters GemCut SA, rue du Marché 18, 1211 Geneva 3, Switzerland Established 1979 SpecialIties Fancy coloured diamonds head Patrick Aldridge, Matthew Aldridge Contact Tel: +41 22 311 7311, Fax: +41 22 311 1830 F a t h e r a n d S o n E x p e r t i s e Gemcut SA · 3.0 / E05 Gemcut SA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

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