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Baselworld Daily News | March 19, 2016 - Busch & Co. / Horia / Orion Welders by Sunstone Engineering / Town Talk Polish

76 INNOVATIONS DA ILY N E W S SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016 HORIA IS RENOW NED FOR I T S ULT R A-SPECIF IC A ND T O TA LLY ADA P TABLE T O OL S T he Horia company, situated in the canton of Jura in Switzerland, specialises in the design, implementation and distribution of tools intended primarily for the repair and main- tenance of watches. The company produces essential tools for watchmakers such as pivot lathes, watchmaking lathes, stonesetting tools and other machine tools. Horia is notably renowned for its tools such as movement holders, pivot devices and AMF multifunctional tools for opening watch backs and driving the tubes, pushers and correctors in and out. The company specialises in the specific jewelling tools required in the watch industry, whether for straps, cases or movements. This year, Horia is launching a new version of its multifunc- tional press which has already proved its worth. ESSENTIAL JEWELLING TOOLS by Cyril Magne It enables watch bezels to be pushed out and a wide range of watch backs to be opened. Horia also offers a device for adjusting the length of watch straps with chain links or lock pins. This highly customisable tool is fitted with inter- changeable brackets, making it possible to adjust the length without breaking the strap. The screw- driver bits are guided in brackets which are adapted to the straps. Yet further examples of perfection for unrivalled precision. Horia specialises in the specific jewelling tools required in the watch industry, whether for straps, cases or movements. 2.0, J54 HORIA N ow, anyone and any company can afford to have the power of Pulse Arc technology for themselves,” says CEO Jonathan Young enthusiastically about the new product from Sunstone. At Baselworld, the company is presenting a new member of its Orion Welders product brand in the form of the mPulse 30. The device can be used by beginners, experienced jewellers or metal-smiths and has the power to tackle a variety of jobs. Accord- ing to the vendor, it is perfect for those needing a welder for undertaking quick, small welds on a light- duty cycle. The mPulse power settings range from 5.0ws to 30ws, in 2.5ws increments. The device works well with gold, silver and many other metals used in jewellery creation and repair. “It is a superior alternative to any solder application,” says Young, “and measuring in at 5.5 x 5.25 x 3.625 inches, the SUNS T ONE PRE SEN T S EN T R Y- LE V EL PROD U C T S AND NE W L A SER DE V ICE S WELDING FOR EVERYONE by Markus Strehlitz mPulse takes up almost no space on your bench.” Additional highlights at the Sunstone stand include the Orion LZR 60 and Orion LZR 100 laser welders. According to the manufacturer, they are powerful machines with all the technological and engineering benefits of other lasers in the market. “Our lasers offer a higher-duty cycle that meets demanding work needs with professional results and for far less than larger machines,” says Young. “This is a truly significant benefit for any budget”. The LZR mod- els need workspace with only a width of 21.5 inches, depth of 24 inches and height of 18 inches and weigh less than 100 pounds. Both models are easy to move, set up, use and maintain. Furthermore, an mPulse 30 is included with the purchase of every Orion LZR 60 or LZR 100. ORION WELDERS BY SUNSTONE ENGINEERING The mPulse 30 can be used by beginners and experienced jewellers and has the power to tackle a variety of jobs. 2.0, J41 B usch & Co. GmbH & Co. KG is a long- standing German company from North Rhine-Westphalia. For over 100 years now, it has focused on the development and manufacture of tools for the jewellery sector. Like many other tool manufacturers in the jewellery industry, the company can trace its origins in the early 20th century back to the dental sector. In 1905, broth- ers Ernst and Otto Busch established a factory making dental drills. Their enormous technological expertise in the processing of material was soon also in demand for other precision mechanical fields, particularly the jewellery sector. Now owned by the third generation of the family, the company exports to almost 100 countries worldwide. For Managing Director Gert Busch, accuracy, the PRECISION, CARE AND QUALITY ARE KEY by Pia Grund-Ludwig utmost attention to detail and maximum quality are the central standards for production. However, tradition and reliability are not the only properties called for when it comes to tools and machines, there is also a need for ongoing communication with customers in order to understand their requirements, as well as to expand the product range. This necessitates swift access to expertise and production. “Our own development depart- ment designs highly precise machinery with which we can manufacture our tools,” says Busch. The direct proximity to research and development is a key element of success for him: “Our employ- ees are constantly looking for innovations and well-thought-out solutions to our customers’ problems.” Busch & Co.’s precision tools are ideal for the jewellery sector where attention to detail is paramount. 2.0, H41 BUSCH & CO. ALSO VALUES ONGOING CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION BUSCH & CO. I t’s a tough world for our glossy digital devices. A glance at your tablet computer or smartphone immediately reveals – especially on a bright day – the grime and fingerprints blighting the screens. This is where British company Town Talk Polish Co. Ltd. comes in. Known worldwide for its superla- tive jewellery and watch cleaning cloths, it is now presenting its new Brilliant Spectacle and Screen Anti- Smear Cleaning Cloth. While it has a variety of specialist polishing and cleaning cloths for watches and jewellery, this new cloth is specifically for eyeglasses, mobile phone screens, tablet devices, monitors, TV and computer displays, as well as car windows and mirrors. In fact, it T OW N TALK H A S T HE A NSW ER T O SME A RED SCREENS WIPE AWAY GRIME! Brilliant Spectacle and Screen Anti-Smear Cleaning Cloth, Town Talk Polish Co. polishes in a jiffy any smooth surface with a build-up of fingerprints, dust and grime. Made from soft microfibre material and washable, like all Town Talk Microfibre polishing cloths, it’s made in the UK and adheres to the stringent British Retail Consortium Global Standards. The company also has an in-house design and print service, so all of its products can be packaged under private label, giving firms the opportunity to promote their brand name. And, for attendees of Baselworld 2016 only, Town Talk is giving away free silver polishing cloths to cele- brate its 121 years at its stand. The cloths are based on the company’s original innovative 1895 product. By William George Shuster 2.0, J70 TOWN TALK POLISH

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