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Baselworld Daily News | March 19, 2016 - Bauer-Walser / Alfa Mirage / Ernst & Friends / 3Design Type3

72 INNOVATIONS DA ILY N E W S SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016 BAUER-WAL SER SEEKS AND NUR T URE S DIREC T CON TAC T S ince its founding in 1924, Bauer-Walser has been one of the leading German companies in the field of precious metals. Its 120 experi- enced employees and use of state-of-the-art pro- duction facilities serve to ensure that customer specifications are realised correctly, regardless of whether these are individual orders or series pro- ductions. “The customer is the focus of all activity at Bauer-Walser,” emphasises Thomas Lorenz, Head of Sales and Marketing at the traditional company. Product quality and the resultant satis- faction of customers and employees have long formed the basis for the company’s work. Direct, personal contact with the customer is sought and nurtured. The centrepiece of the company remains the fully equipped, high-performance separating works and its associated precious metal trading. Also impor- tant is the production of precious metal unfinished parts for the watch industry. These include cases, bezels, straps and clasps, all manufactured with precision, using the latest production technology. THE FOCUS IS ON THE CUSTOMER by Pia Grund-Ludwig Based in Pforzheim, at the edge of the Black Forest, the company also manufactures premium precious metal semi-finished products, which are used in both the jewellery and watchmaking indus- tries and technical and medical technology fields. These include innovative alloys, sheet metal and straps. Wire and profile wire, tubes, coils, solders, ring and bracelet blanks are also included in the comprehensive delivery programme. The firm also produces precious metal semi-finished products for the watch and jewellery industries. 2.0, J50 BAUER-WALSER PROFESSIONAL PROCESSES ENSURE HIGH SUPPLY CAPABILI T Y SERVICE IS A KEY FACTOR AT ERNST & FRIENDS by Silke Thole G ood service always generates more benefit than cost. Ronald Ernst and Torben Meyer are convinced of this. The Proprietors and Managing Directors of fast-growing company Ernst & Friends regard good service as a key means of setting the firm apart from its competitors. In its capacity as partner to wholesalers, manufacters and specialist retailers in the watch and jewellery sector, this independent firm supplies customers worldwide with watch and jewellery equipment, bat- teries and complete workshop fixtures from over 300 upstream suppliers. The north German company is also the official VARTA Micro Power sales partner for the watch industry and after-sales service; it markets the ear-piercing systems of Studex® Europe as official major distributor and is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Swisotech® and Prac-tec® brands, as well as SmartPro’s® gemmological instruments. Beyond the good service the company offers, the proprietors view the well-honed logistics and inven- tory system as key to Ernst & Friends’ success: “We stand for high supply capability, sophisticated services and individual customer support.” Ronald Ernst (left) and Torben Meyer (right), Proprietors and Managing Directors of Ernst & Friends. Specifically, this means that the team takes time for the individual consult- ing of its customers, also offering numerous addi- tional services. These include the custom crea- tion of individual range concepts or the planning and realisation of complete workshop and studio fix- tures, together with a serv- ice centre. At the same time, the company is also dedicated to offering high supply capability for key standard articles, coupled with fast, flexible delivery. “Our close cooperation with various luxury watch manufactures and large service companies in the premium market segment means that we are highly familiar with the requirements for equipment and service in those fields,” reports Torben Meyer. “As a result, the equipment we provide satisfies key manu- facturer criteria for the awarding of concessions.” Set up in 2011, Ernst & Friends is a compara- tively young company. Despite this, there is no lack of experience, as both proprietors have been active worldwide in the sector for decades. Together with their team of six, they search the globe for new trends and capable upstream suppliers with attractive products. ERNST & FRIENDS 2.0, F60 T his is Alfa Mirage’s sixth year at Baselworld. Alfa Mirage manufactures, wholesales and exports gemmo- logical and jewellery equipment and tools. The company was founded in 1977 and currently employs a workforce of 20, at sites in Osaka and Tokyo. “We have 260 distributors in total in Japan and worldwide,” says Kon- do. The Alfa Mirage portfolio comprises over 1,700 items. These include equipment, tools and related apparatus for the after-sales servicing of jewellery and watches, jewellery scales, jewellery gauges, gemmological instruments and polishing mate- rials and pastes. One particular highlight of the range is a high-specification lens illuminated magnifier. There are eight types of lens available: 2X, 3X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 10X, 12X and 15X. The device boasts a very slight spherical aberration and a wide view. Fields of use include the inspec- tion of jewellery and watches. In addition, Alfa Mirage is also displaying its GK-series precious- metal tester, which can be used to analyse the purity of gold and platinum. The product family includes the basic GK-300 and the high-precision T he Gravotech group supports growth and innovation of jewellery and watchmaking professionals across all stages of the digital chain: from the design to the manufacturing and retail. Stores are no longer just spaces for exhibiting and selling products – they need to differentiate themselves from growing internet-based competition. They need to offer a jewellery-making adventure with the client in the leading role. Gravotech allows its clients to view and even handle the jewellery – their jewellery – before creating it using ALFA MIR AGE IS LO OKING FOR WA RD T O MEE T ING NE W V ISI T ORS T HE COMPLE T E ‘DIGI TA L CH AIN’ FOR T HE JE W ELLER Y AND WAT CH IND US T R Y BROAD SPECTRUM, PRECISE TECHNOLOGY FROM DESIGN TO RETAIL by Markus Strehlitz by Markus Strehlitz model GKS-300, as well as the high-capacity GKS- 3000 model, which enables samples with a weight of up to 3kg to be examined. Further products offered by Alfa Mirage include a CCD camera for watch- making, inspection and quality control and a polish- ing compound for gold, silver and platinum. In addi- tion, the Japanese company is also presenting a high-performance, quick-curing UV glue that can be used for bonding watch and jewellery parts. its 3D design software and ‘all-in-one’ solutions for personalised engraving. The 3DESIGN and 3SHAPER solutions are internationally renowned in their field and are a natural extension of the pencil or spatula. Creatives and designers express their expertise using modern software (unique parametric technology), effec- tively creating models or collections and thereby offering clients a exclusive choice. They also benefit from the advantages of the ‘virtualisation’ offered by the 3D design software (such as reduced stock levels, efficient communications with clients via the internet). The concept of the digital chain makes com- plete sense in terms of the Gravotech group’s offering for jewellery, watch and accessory manufacturers. From the initial design to the pro- duction, moulds and pro- totypes. From machining devices for engravings to lasers for decoration. And from ‘all-in-one’ solu- tions for sales services to a ‘touchscreen’ for clients to personalise their jewellery or accessories. 3DESIGN TYPE3 Sandanori Kondo, President of Alfa Mirage. From left to right: Philippe Blache (Vice President of Type3), Gérard Guyard (President of Gravotech Group) and Elise Cahour (Senior Multimedia Project Manager at Gravotech Group). 2.0, J43 2.0, J40 ALFA MIRAGE

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