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Baselworld Daily News | March 19, 2016 - Benchalist / Rubin & Son / Tecnilab / Merard

68 INNOVATIONS DA ILY N E W S SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016 MERARD PRESENTS THREE NEW PRODUCT RANGES M erard is renowned for its polishing solu- tions, which comprise a superb range of compounds and polishing wheels, includ- ing the highly respected, French-made LUXOR® range. This dual skill set has enabled the firm to become a leader on the international market. The company’s numerous product ranges include three recent innovations. The first, ESSENTIEL® , POLISHING INNOVATIONS by Cyril Magne includes compounds and polishing wheels (such as MP61S, ORAS, AVIVOR, STV and TPB), which are generally renowned within the profession for their great versatility and high level of performance. They are particularly appreciated for their excellent dura- bility and mirror-finish polish on precious metals. The range covers all polishing operations, with reinforced abrasive action to reduce working time and material consumption. INFINITE® is dedicated to cosmetic lapping and flat polishing and offers excellent results in terms of both thickness adjustment and shine. With an extensive range for all types of operations (liquid compound, diamond liquid compound, diamond gel, flat disc, and more), it is very economical. The two- in-one abrasive compound enables thickness adjustment and application of a mirror finish in a single step. The range also offers complete protec- tion of parts and machines with no oxidisers or corrosives as well as excellent fluidity for perfect lubrication. Finally, EXTREM® is a range for more complex configurations. It covers some very specific special- ist issues, such as the polishing of ceramic coatings, high-strength metals, mineral glass and the final appearance of PVD treatments. This, the firm’s most recent line, developed by Merard’s research and development department, includes CERAX® , a unique combination of ceramic and diamond com- ponents. 2.0, K47 Merard, a leader on the international market, is renowned for its polishing solutions. GERMAN-SWISS COOPERATION ENSURES HIGH QUALITY by Cyril Magne Möbelmanufaktur. Working together closely, customer enquiries are discussed, new products created and deliveries carried out. “We are open to all our custom- ers’ requests and strive to incorporate and realise these consistently,” says Managing Director Andreas Görg. David Allemann, Managing Director of Bureautech Allemann AG, is the key link between the end customer and Görg Möbelmanufaktur. His vast experi- ence means he can continually offer ideas for product improvements and additions, which are then immedi- ately realised in the manufacturing process. He is a reliable partner and source of advice, particularly with regard to ergonomic working and finding solutions for enhancing productivity at the workplace. With a high degree of skilled crafts- manship and supported by modern equipment, Görg’s committed team pro- duces high-quality, custom workbenches and fixtures for many customers in the watchmaking and jewellery industries. Görg Möbelmanufaktur has been active in this field since 2006, and has suc- ceeded in realising numerous projects, particularly for watchmaking operations. Encouraged by its years of experience in cooperating with outstanding watch- makers and master goldsmiths, and with numerous developments and creations of its own, it is now represented at Baselworld for the first time. 2.0, K45 Görg’s committed team produces high-quality custom workbenches and fixtures for customers in the watchmaking and jewellery industries. BENCHALIST OFFERS SPECIALISED WORKBENCHES RUBIN & SON PRE SEN T S LO UPE S, SIE V E S A ND SPECIALIS T BO OKS CH ALLENGING SI T UAT IONS T H AT BECOME A DRI V ER FOR DE V ELOPMEN T R ubin & Son is presenting a broad range of products at Baselworld 2016, appealing to diamond dealers, jewellers and industry professionals alike. “Our products range from the simplest items to the most innovative technological instruments,” explains Sabrina Rubin, the owner of the Belgian company. But some of the products warrant particular attention. One of these is the Hexagonal Loupe. “It is renowned as the most reli- able, durable and hardworking in its class,” says Rubin. Another example is the Original Schneider loupe. Its 10x magnification reveals every detail of a stone. “Making loupes is a specialised craft,” she adds. “Experience counts and so does quality”. Other highlights include the lightweight dia- mond sieves, which have more holes than traditional sieves. They are easier for users to handle due to their lower weight. The stones can flow through the holes more quickly without getting caught on the plates. T he current economic challenges in Southern Europe allowed us to develop our company for the future. We revised our business strategy by seeking and opening new markets,” says Giancarlo Gervasi, CEO of the Tecnilab Group. He explains how, in recent years, the company has “crossed European borders and grown exports to over 70 percent of its production.” Furthermore, the firm has invested and doubled the production area so that it “can respond more efficiently to customer needs, improving the two sectors in which we intend to focus so as to deal with this new economic challenge. Tecnilab decided to invest in its R&D and Sales & Marketing as the means to the move forward,” he adds. Since it opened shop in 1977, Tecnilab has always kept every task in house: from project development to SIMPLE AND INNOVATIVE WHEN CHALLENGES GENERATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES by Markus Strehlitz by Annalisa Fontana There are also sieves for rough and polished stones. The parcel papers from Rubin & Son guarantee the right packaging. “You can count on a smooth finish, durable consistency of colour and texture, precise hand folding and perfect alignment of the inside flute and outside paper to ensure the stable and secure handling of the precious stones,” says Rubin. In addition to the tools and utensils for every- day work, the Rubin & Son stand also offers special- ist expertise in book form – such as the Handbook of Diamond Grading by Verena Pagel-Thiesen. In the latest edition, the author has included in-depth information about the technical and scientific changes which have taken place in the diamond industry and which have affected every expert. According to Rubin, the manual is an extremely practical guide to diamond grading and is an essen- tial tool for all diamond dealers, jewellers and gem- mologists. product creation and marketing. This meant the company was only able to handle a niche market which soon became too small. Gervasi recalls that “the beginning of the venture with the Swiss multi- national Swisslog, one of the top five in the world, made it possible for us to strengthen international distribution, especially in the Chinese market. At the same time, it allowed us to progress from creating just machinery to developing more complex and com- plete automation systems for the entire workflow. Currently, there are 1,300 installations worldwide.” The jewel in the crown is the recent creation of a complex automation system for management of the Service department of a leading watchmaking industry. This facility may open the door to the 28 subsidiaries around the world. The 10x magnification of the Original Schneider Loupe reveals every detail of a stone. In recent years, Tecnilab has grown exports to over 70 percent of its production, says Group CEO Giancarlo Gervasi (right). 2.0, K41 2.0, J66 RUBIN & SON TECNILAB MERARD BENCHALIST I n the East of Germany, near Dresden and Glashütte, specialised workbenches for watch- makers, goldsmiths and jewellers are created at furniture manufacturer Görg Möbelmanufaktur, under the BENCHALIST brand. This is the new joint product brand of German company Görg Möbel- manufaktur and Swiss firm Bureautech Allemann AG. Bureautech Allemann AG is the exclusive sales partner in Switzerland for the workbenches and accessories. The name stands for highly ergonomic workplaces, fixtures and accessories for watchmakers, goldsmiths and jewellers. Distinctive here is the coop- eration between Bureautech Allemann AG and Görg

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