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Baselworld Daily News | March 19, 2016 - Testing Technology / Rapid Prototyping

64 INNOVATIONS DA ILY N E W S SATURDAY, MARCH 19.2016 THE ROLLS-ROYCE OF TESTING DEVICES E XHIBI T ORS PRE SEN T A W IDE R ANGE OF T ECHNOLO GY R A PID PRO T O T Y PING IS AN IMP OR TAN T EN ABLER FOR CRE AT I V E MINDS by Markus Strehlitz M easuring and testing instruments are impor- tant tools in the watch industry. And anyone wishing to find out about the latest technical developments will find what they are looking for at Baselworld. Exhibitors are presenting a wide range of innovative products here. Witschi (2.0, F66), for example, has transformed its three mechanical watch testing devices into a product family, applying a uniform design to them all. According to Karin Spack, Marketing Communications Assistant at Witschi, the Watch Expert is a “classic among measuring instruments.” Users can test the accuracy, amplitude and beat error of mechanical watch movements using this device. This year, the Watch Expert is a particular focal point at Witschi. The device is now available in its fourth gen- eration version. Not only does it feature a new design, it also has a capacitive touchscreen made from high quality glass. While the Watch Expert is the smallest device in the product range, the Chronoscope S1 and Chronoscope X1 are designed for industrial use. “The X1 is like the Rolls-Royce of the pro- gramme,” says Karin Spack. According to the manufacturer, the third genera- tion of the high-end measuring instru- ment should be the best chronoscope X1 of all time. Witschi has continued to improve its software. Both the X1 and S1 can be operated via a touchscreen. R apid prototyping is an essential component of modern jewellery design. Solutions in this field are presented at Baselworld by exhibi- tors such as the U.S. company Solidscape and the Italian firm DWS. OVERCOMING BARRIERS TO DESIGN The S1 is now available in a G2 ver- sion. It can be adapted to different applications with 30 different measure- ment programmes. The Twinscope and Vario modes enable visualisation of the sounds. Instead of a touchscreen, the user can also operate the S1 with a tab- let PC. And with the appropriate soft- ware, even more functions are available such as the possibility of long-term analysis. Visitors can take a closer look at the S1 at the Witschi stand as well as at Beco Technic (2.0, H60) where the device also features in the programme. Greiner Vibrograf (2.0, G60) like- wise has a wide range of measurement and testing devices on offer. At Baselworld, for example, the Swiss man- ufacturer is presenting the Spiromat Classic. The device can be used to count and cut balance springs. Twelve individual programmes can be stored in the Spiromat Classic and six are already pre-programmed with the most-used number of beats. Greiner Vibrograf also offers various counting plates. Old counting plates can also be used with the new Spiromat Classic. The Greiner Vibrograf product range is very broad. It includes the Compact 900 watch timing instrument which can be used to test all mechanical and quartz watches. The device also includes an automatic beat number detection, a large colour display, two test prods, interfaces for a printer and PC and an integrated speaker for beat Cyril Guerdat demonstrates the Watch Pro by Bergeon, which can be operated via a tablet PC. noise control. To enable the fast check- ing of analogue quartz watches, Greiner Vibrograf offers the Timocheck which records motor impulses and displays them both visually and acoustically. To accurately measure features such as rate variation, frequency and rate error of mechanical watches, Bergeon (2.0, H44) has developed the Watch Pro. It can also be operated via a tablet computer or smartphone. Using the programme on a mobile device includes all of the necessary functions to control a timepiece. The two-part stand allows you to orient your watch movement as well as the watch heads in all the required positions for testing the rate of a watch, including the intermediate positions. “We offer a complete set of testing devices for mechanical watches, from a simple transportable solution for travel to a system which can both test and adjust the watch,” says Gianni Pavone, Commercial Director at Ber- geon. “The electronics are from Lepsi and the mechanical components from Bergeon. These are joint developments from both companies.” When it comes to testing watches, the appliances from Roxer (2.0, F63) are a must. At its stand, the Swiss company is presenting the Decarox, an airtight- ness testing machine. It tests ten watches at the same time using volu- metric comparison. by Pia Grund-Ludwig With the all-new X-Fab, DWS (2.0, E61) offers a solution for prosumers. “The X-Fab uses the same technology as the large machines, but is an entry-level model for various different sectors,” says Sales Area Manager Valeria Dalla Riva. Key benefit of the Solidscape solution is the breadth of material. One new feature is the material Irix, a nano-ceramic product that is suitable for manufacturing both finished jewel- lery pieces and parts for subsequent inclusion in other pieces of jewellery. Also on show is the Digitalwax 009, the comp-any’s first DLP unit. 3D printing is also in focus at Solidscape (2.0, J64). The decisive benefit of the technology that has been developed is that no supporting struc- tures are required, allowing completely new design ideas to be realised, explains Bill Dahl, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Solidscape. The company is now focus- ing heavily on online communities in order to bring creative and technical minds together. “Creative types are often overawed when they have to work with CAD,” observes Dahl. This is why there is more involvement with com- munities. Here creative types can upload handmade sketches or pictures, with the community then locating the experts who can realise these. “Natu- rally, it is clear here that the designs remain protected, the people working here have been in the business for many years, in some cases decades. The business is built on discretion,” says Dahl. “We want to empower tradi- tional designers and new players,” he adds. He is not afraid of competition from new technologies such as additive procedures. One key benefit of the Solidscape solutions is the breadth of material, which is not currently availa- ble for additive procedures. And in any case, the aim is not to take up a posi- tion contrary to other manufacturers. “Our interest lies in creative individu- als finding the solutions that suit their designs,” Dahl emphasises. Artsupport (2.0, H42) has added the new 3D printer Form 2 from Formlabs to its portfolio. The printing process of the new device is of highly reliable. Witschi Sales Manager Pascal Hausammann presents the Chronoscope X1. The Spiromatic Classic by Greiner Vibrograf. DWS is showing an entry-level model.

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