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Baselworld Daily News | March 19, 2016 - Picchiotti / IsabelleFa / Pacôma

50 JEWELLERY DA ILY N E W S SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016 ONE SIZE FITS ALL PICCHIO T T I IN T ROD U CE S BANDS AND BANGLE S OF T HE NE W XPANDABLE COLLEC T ION Interview by Annalisa Fontana A t Picchiotti, a typical Italian family enterprise, the old world brought about by founder and President Giuseppe Picchiotti embraces the 21st century innovations. The company’s fine design and manufac- turing skills are performed by the second generation with its modern technology and mechanisms. BWDN: Can you reveal to us the secret of your success? Giuseppe Picchiotti: When I founded the company 50 years ago my aim was to become a leading brand in the world of fine jewellery. To reach that pinnacle means, by definition, to innovate, to merge design, new technologies and precision with the visions of old-world craftsmanship, its skills and artisans. Our highly trained goldsmiths, the chief model-makers, the stonesetters, the polishers and the designers, all report to an Atelier Manager – but I personally and rigorously supervise. What is a particularly important aspect of your work? One of the aspects in my business that I would like to keep forever is the special artisanship that is passed on through the education of the youngsters. I am always N E W S looking for new talents to educate and teach the skills of fine-jewellery making. Fine artisans working with the masters, who have a long experience and can train them, will be the most qualified. These are the very same artists who have made our brand successful all over the world with creations such as the iconic Rose brooch or a quintessentially Picchiotti piece that clearly denotes their mastery in working with calibrated stones. A unique creation boasting an even more unique gemstone or the most recent Caletta timepieces also give proof of their skills. Of course, a natural talent and the passion for what one does are also very important. What new creations are you launching at Baselworld 2016? This edition of Baselworld is the occasion for introducing the Xpandable collection. A vast array of bands and bangles that will smoothly fit all wrists and fingers thanks to a ground-breaking hidden mechanism has been manufactured with the utmost care and the highest standards of perfec- tion. A real example of how technology successfully matches tradition. For this Ring from the Xpandable collection. Giuseppe Picchiotti, founder and President of Picchiotti. “new-born” a comprehensive marketing campaign, involving several countries around the world, will be launched later in the spring. 1.1, C05 PACÔM A PA RIS M A RKS T EN Y E A RS OF E XCELLENCE A ND ELEGA NCE P acôma Paris of the Schmittgall Group, renowned for its pearls, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and launching a new campaign with dancer Juliette Gernez. “This year, we have renewed our col- laboration with Juliette Gernez, a dancer at the Opéra national de Paris, because she is a wonderful embodiment of float- ing grace and of the professional demands of both jewellery-making and dance,” says Gaëtan Pinot, Managing Director of TIME TO CELEBRATE by Kyra Brenzinger the Schmittgall group. During its 10 year history, the Pacôma company has continued to expand the collections: launching a bridal range based around a collection of engagement and wedding rings while at the same time offering jewellery set with precious stones and its pearl range, the DNA of the Pacôma brand. Visitors to the company’s stand find a stage set of the brand’s different worlds, all especially developed for Baselworld. 2.1, M58 Bracelet from the Xpandable collection. education of the youngsters. I am always at Baselworld 2016? CA RE SS YO UR SKIN W I T H H AND - CR AF T ED JE W ELLER Y BY ISABELLEFA A nyone who has ever held one of the hand-crafted jewellery items from IsabelleFa in their hands will know what real quality feels like: an unforgettable moment. The chains have the same effect as a woollen pullover, according to Isabelle Mössner, the owner of the German jewellery manufacture IsabelleFa. If you have ever worn a luxu- riously soft cashmere pullover, you will never want to wear one of the scratchier THE CASHMERE OF CHAINS by Christel Trimborn like the chains, every ring and every bracelet is unique and a symbol of crafts- manship. IsabelleFa has even developed its own gold colour: the exclusive RougeRoyal alloy falls somewhere between rose and red gold and is rich and powerful yet unobtrusive. One of the latest jewellery items is made from this royal gold alloy: the Digne bracelet from the Pure collection is set with the finest white brilliant-cut diamonds on the side and impresses with its clarity, well-devised pure design and flawless surface. It is people, not machines, who produce the items of jewellery at IsabelleFa, all with great care and atten- tion to detail. They are small works of art which are worth admiring whether worn or displayed on a shelf. Grace bracelets by IsabelleFa, made from 18k gold, set with diamonds. SCHREINER FINE JEWELLERY – “Nothing is impossible” is the motto of Gerhard Schreiner who primarily offers his international customers some impres- sive unique pieces. Some 350 master goldsmiths produce the finest items of jewellery, set with spectacular gem- stones, all based on his designs. One high calibre example of these creations is a jewellery set made from untreated and extremely rare Burma rubies, weighing 400 ct in total. The individual rubies are featured in a necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings and weigh between 1 and 12 ct individually. This is not just a beautiful set of jewellery, it is also a very worth- while investment. (ahe) 2.1, B31 sheep’s wool versions again! And rightly so. IsabelleFa’s gold and platinum chains are made by hand and have a pleasant weight to them. The lengthy drawing, forging, heating, compressing and polishing process makes the precious metals smooth and shiny and the density of the material is both visible and tangible. The same also applies to the other jewellery items from this south German manufacturer: 2.1, B53 The new Pacôma Paris campaign with dancer Juliette Gernez.

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