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Baselworld Daily News | March 19, 2016 - Jacob & Co. / Swarovski / Aaron Shum

JEWELLERY DA ILY N E W S SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016 S pace, stars and galaxies have inspired Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin to explore the stellar themes in the fall/winter 2016/2017 Crystal Galaxy collection. From constella- tions of stars to planets in orbit, from the colours of the cosmic night to shapes of sparkling icicles, Nathalie Colin has captured a kaleidoscope of elements and translated them into fashionable pieces featuring modernity, brilliance and remarkable craftsmanship. “For us, Crystal Galaxy has been the perfect theme to play with light and shadow and to create some pieces exuding this mysterious appeal of the galaxy, either in a figurative or in a more abstract way. We worked on round and 3D-volumes, new shapes like double open rings and other versa- tile silhouettes in a gradation of shades increasingly rare. We are thrilled to be able to share such stones, especially of the quality we have in our collection, with those who will be visiting us this year. What is an out-of-the-ordinary jewel- lery creation of Jacob & Co.? The Rare Touch collection that we ini- tially introduced in 2013 is a ground- breaking collection that we continue to expand upon each year. Designed to be worn as bejewelled garments rather than solely as accessories, our pieces from the Rare Touch collection include a glove, a bolero jacket, our 18 karat gold and dia- mond mesh dress, and various chokers – all complex designs that lay sensually on the skin, and move naturally with the wearer. What do you consider the most impor- tant element of good design? Originality. When it comes to the level of jewellery and discerning clientele that we work with, the ability to offer never- before-seen designs is key to finding suc- cess. Our clients are citizens of the world, and they seek the best the industry has to offer. They come to us to find unique pieces of quality and calibres that are una- vailable within other brands. As a galaxy is synonymous with infi- nite gradations of dark and changing shades, the third variation is ideal to feature the iconic colour-coating Swarovski created for Christian Dior in the 1950’s, Aurora Borealis. This season, the Aurora Borealis effect has not only been applied to crystals, but also on metal bases. This holographic effect, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2016, infuses its mesmerizing and vibrant rainbow shades onto a range of jewellery that favours organic lines. The result is some sophisticated and strong pieces which feature mineral accents and show Swarovski’s mastery of stone on stone crystal applications. To complete stars, planets and cos- mic night, the last part of the collection gives full light to an icy inspiration. Ici- cles become spiked necklaces, frosted elements which turn into fluid chande- lier earrings, and clear crystal is the hero of this frozen universe. H I G H L I G H T S 50 NEW TALENTS Giuseppe Picchiotti reveals the secret of his company’s success and the importance of passing on the artisanship. 52 PRECIOUS PETALS With intense marketing, the boost of digital communication and new product developments, Marco Bicego looks ahead to a busy year. 60 LESS IS MORE A reduced mix of materials and homogenous colour schemes characterise jewellery and watches that radiate calm and clarity. 64 TESTING TOOLS A wide range of innovative test- ing products for the watch indus- try is presented in Hall 2. 80 OLD AND NEW Bringing history to life: antique and estate jewellers appeal to the next generation. AARON SHUM – Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Aaron Shum Jewelry has gained international recognition as a leading world-wide jewellery manufacturer. The collection Marquissimo ingeniously blends two marquise-cut diamonds together with dual beautifully matched princess-cut diamonds in Aaron Shum’s prong-less setting, delivering a striking presenta- tion of a grand marquise-shaped soli- taire. The marquise-cut diamonds are surrounded by brilliants set pavé, to further add to the sparkle of the party – and the result is a fascinating impres- sion of magnificent pieces, made acces- sible to a larger audience, thanks to the ingenious setting-work of Aaron Shum Jewelry. (nh) N E W S 1.1, A32 TRULY EXTRAORDINARY JACOB & CO. CELEBR AT E S 30 Y E A RS W I T H O U T S TANDING JE W ELLER Y, FANC Y V I V ID COLO URED DIA MONDS AND WAT CHE S CR YS TAL GAL A X Y COLLEC T ION IS INSPIRED BY T HE M YS T ERIE S OF SPACE W ith a gorgeous assort- ment of extraordinary pink and blue dia- monds, founder and Chairman Jacob Arabo speaks of the importance of origi- nality for good jewellery design. What are you most proud to show at Baselworld 2016? Jacob Arabo: We are looking forward to showcasing an array of outstanding pieces this year. However, amongst the few that we are particularly excited to debut are a magnificent pair of 15 carat pear-shaped diamond earrings, one featuring a fancy pink diamond, and the other a fancy blue. In addition to this unique and exceptional pair of earrings, we are showcasing a pear- shaped 40 carat Golconda diamond, worn on a necklace which also features a 6.76 cushion cut diamond and emerald accents. Truly extraordinary, the 40 carat diamond is a historic stone, bestowed with the name The Eye of Golconda. In the history of the company what has been a special moment for you? We are incredibly proud to be here at Baselworld 2016, as our business is cele- brating our milestone 30-year anniversary this year. Since first launching Jacob & Co. in 1986, we’ve seen a lot of successes, ranging from opening our 57th Street flagship store in New York and establish- ing our watchmaking facility in Geneva, to launching our annual Magnificent SWAROVSKI REACHES FOR THE STARS increasingly rare. We are thrilled to be H I G H L I G H T S 50 52 JE W ELLER Y, FANC Y V I V ID COLO URED DIA MONDS AND WAT CHE S Timepieces and Jewels exhibition in Monaco and creating one-of-a-kind pieces such as the Splendors of Nature. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reflect on our growth as a business thus far, and celebrate a remarkable 30 years with the longstanding friends, clients, collectors and connoisseurs who will be joining us here in Basel. What is your greatest jewellery design success to date? The Splendors of Nature that wedebuted atourannualexhibitioninMonacoin 2012 is a museum-quality piece that took me, as a collector, over 15 years to curate and create. This one-of-a-kind creation brought together a spectacular collection of stones including a 44.09 carat colour- less diamond, a 10.09 carat fancy vivid purple pink diamond, a 5 carat vivid blue diamond, a 3.94 carat vivid yellow dia- mond and an 18.07 carat colourless dia- mond, worn on a 74.77 carat colourless diamond necklace. What is the most important gemstone this year? Pink and blue diamonds are incredibly important, as each year they become Jacob Arabo, founder and Chairman of Jacob & Co. at the company’s stand. 18 karat rose gold Rare Touch Collection Flat Choker with 424 brilliants (a total of 26.25 carat brilliants) by Nina Hald Interview by Nina Hald 1.1, C21 evoking eclipses, stars and constella- tions,” explains Colin. With a cold palette of black, mid- night blue and frosted clear crystals, Crystal Galaxy offers an array of versa- tile pieces to suit any facet of a mod- ern woman’s life. Emblematic of the galaxy imagery, stars and constella- tions have been a prominent source of inspiration which turned into desira- ble pieces of jewellery, ranging from classic timeless elegance to edgier on- trend interpretations. Shooting stars and comets lead to delicate designs featuring a rock chic edge enhanced by a chiaroscuro colour palette. Large cabochon crystals and crystal pearls evoke the moon while the spikes of stars dazzle with a refined crystal pavé work to mimic rays of moon- light. Epitomising this inspiration, Fatal line goes for a bold interpretation and merges the timeless elegance of pearls with cool and modern PVD. 1.1, B31 Necklace from the Galaxy collection, Swarovski.

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