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Baselworld Daily News | March 19, 2016 - Vulcain / Edox / L. Kendall / Festina

32 WATCHES DA ILY N E W S SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016 “THE BIG OPPORTUNITY IS EUROPE” V ULCAIN EN T ERS NE W M A RKE T S A S A SIA SLOW S D OW N ED OX PRE SEN T S T HE CHRONOF F SHORE COLLEC T ION L. KENDALL N AV IGAT E S I T S WAY T HRO U GH A RICH HOROLO GICA L HIS T OR Y Interview by William George Shuster A fter slowdowns in Asia and the Ukrainian crisis, the Swiss-made Vulcain watch brand is entering new markets, launching a new calibre and debuting several nota- ble models for 2016, says Dr. Renato A. Vanotti, CEO of the brand. E dox, the Swiss watch manufac- turer, launches a new Chronoff- shore collection that’s built to cope with extreme conditions, for example, those that prevail during the offshore powerboat races in which the Norwegian powerboat champion and brand ambassador Pål Virik Nilsen will wear a timepiece of this kind. The 316L stainless steel case is 45 mm in diameter, remains water-resistant to 500 metres, has a black ceramic bezel, and a tachymeter scale on the flange surrounding its carbon-fibre dial, which hosts the chronograph’s counters and a sub dial for the seconds, as well as a date and day-of-the-week display. A stylised ship’s propeller on the back of the case and a natural rubber strap round out the nautical aura of the Chronoffshore-1 Chronograph Auto- matic. M y trusted friend.” That’s Cap- tain James Cook describing the Larcum Kendall K1 marine chronometer in his logbook, which he used to navigate while circum- venting the globe on his second great voyage of discovery (1772-1775). It’s not uncommon for watch brands to exaggerate or even invent back stories to confer legitimacy. But L. Kendall’s history is so rich in significant historical events and people that, if anything, the brand has to underplay the past as it just seems too much. A few highlights from the illustrious career of Larcum Kendall (1719-1790) include producing timepieces for renowned British watchmakers George Graham and Thomas Mudge; being a member of the panel of experts advising the Admiralty’s Board of Longitude; his K1 chronometer voyaging with Cook (twice) before accompanying the First Fleet sailing from Britain to settle Aus- tralia and being on the HMS Victory at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent in the Caribbean; and his K2 marine chronom- eter sailing with HMS Bounty on its fateful mutinous voyage. The wristwatches created by the modern brand are inspired by Kendall’s rich naval history in marine chronome- ters. And while L. Kendall is a London PRECISELY ON COURSE MY TRUSTED FRIEND FESTINA – Blue, blue, blue – the tradi- tional Spanish brand presents some of the latest watches in this still-hot colour trend. Water-resistant to 100 metres, the new chronograph comes with a day/ date display and a tachymeter scale. The intense colour of the dial is enhanced by a delicate sunray effect. A solid metal strap is attached to the stainless steel case. (sz) N E W S BWDN: Dr. Vanotti, how was 2015 for Vulcain? Dr. Renato A. Vanotti: I was very posi- tive about 2015 last spring, because we had never had so many new, promising contacts as we made at Baselworld last year. However, the crisis in Ukraine and the slump in Asian markets – particu- larly China and Southeast Asia – led to a drop in sales. What are the biggest opportunities or challenges for Vulcain in 2016? The challenges are, on the one hand, to maintain what we have in Asia, even if we are just keeping things ticking over, and on the other, to enter new markets to compensate for what we lost there. The big opportunity for us is Switzerland and Europe, where we have seen very clear upward movement for Vulcain. Heavy marketing investments leading to bigger brand awareness have driven sales up in Switzerland, and we have also entered new markets, such as Italy and Spain. Please tell us more about Vulcain’s market expansion. In 2015, we expanded nicely in Japan, where we have an excellent and reliable partner. The most surprising new mar- ket was Israel, where we also have an extremely determined partner working with us. We cautiously entered Italy and Spain, as I said, as well as the United Kingdom in the last quarter of 2015. Today, we work with retailers in more than 40 countries. For 2016, our goal is to re-enter the market in the United States. Heritage Presidents’ Watch, Vulcain. What are Vulcain’s major debuts here at Baselworld? This year, we are proud to launch new models and a new manual Cricket move- ment, the Vulcain V40. We are presenting four new 42 mm manual-wound 50s Presidents’ watches with a completely new face. Thanks to the new V40 move- ment, the dial includes two small hands – a seconds’ sub dial at eight o’clock and an alarm at four o’clock. The dials’ appear- ances are also new – silver or ruthenium sunray with clous-de-Paris decoration in the centre, matte black (which looks like velvet), and grained beige with hands and appliqués in 4N rose gold. To complete the 50s Presidents’ watch collection, a 39 mm manual-wound watch is being launched with a handmade electric blue enamel dial, a colour based on a piece created years ago. Two new models are in our entry- level collection, the 42 mm 50s Presi- dents’ Classic. Their dial and strap colour is a blue or brown gradient. My own favourite piece is the relaunch of Vulcain’s Anniversary Heart, with a new skeleton dial and the manual Cricket movement V16 decorated with a geometric shape. It comes in two colours: a peacock blue dial with peacock blue alligator strap and a black dial with black and red alligator strap. by Sabine Zwet tler by Ian Skellern K6, L. Kendall. 1.1, A7 1 1.2, D31 1.1, D75 1.1, A24 The First Lady collection has a new member, with a new dial and case set with precious and semi-precious stones (light blue sapphire and light green tsavorite). This timepiece will conquer the heart of every woman! Last, but not least, is our annual “flagship”, the 50s Presidents’ Cloisonné. With it, we continue our tribute to Greek mythology with Poseidon, the god of the roaring seas. Dr. Renato A. Vanotti, CEO of Vulcain. brand through and through, the watches all feature high-quality Swiss automatic movements for maximum precision and reliability. The K6 is a good example, with hours and minutes shown in sub dials, central seconds, and a distinctive date at 12 o’clock. Chronoffshore-1 Chronograph Automatic, Edox.

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