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Baselworld Daily News | March 25, 2015 - Stenzhorn / Ivy

JEWELLERY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25.2015 DA ILY N E W S H I G H L I G H T S 52 PERFECT PROPORTION Scheffel focuses on sportive and individual design, as Managing Director Axel Scheffel tells Baselworld Daily News. 56 BIG, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Rodyner Rayner presents three new collections in his 30th con- secutive year at Baselword. 59 DELICATE DESIGN Akoya pearls and youthful creations are in the spotlight at German-based Yana Nesper. 65 REINVENTING FABERGÉ The traditional artist jewellery introduces prestigious creations appealing to a new generation. 66 A STORY OF PASSION The contrasty designs of Hanadi Keane are made for self-assured women. 71 CUTTING AND ENGRAVING Everything about laser devices, made for both smaller and bigger businesses. 77 OUTSTANDING TREASURES The world’s leading dealers present stunning estate and antique jewellery in Hall 3. NATURE AS ROLE MODEL NOBLE, R A RE AND V ER Y SPECIAL COLO URED GEMS PL AY T HE LE ADING ROLE FOR T HE U.S.- BA SED I V Y COMPAN Y FOR THE LOVE OF GEMSTONES What type of women do you have in mind with your design ideas? Stenzhorn is leaving the beaten track with the new collections. With the high- est standards of quality and finishing we offer handmade jewellery that symbolises confidence, vitality and adventure. Where Wildlife represents an exciting animal world, the new collections are an homage to all women who are simply themselves. Women who enjoy life and discover new sides to their character. Radiant coloured gemstones play a particular role in your jewellery – do you have favourite stones or materials? Our favourite materials are gold and platinum as well as diamonds, emer- alds, rubies and sapphires. Working with platinum in combination with emeralds is rather difficult, but we love a challenge and we love these materials Brooch pendant, 18-karat white and red gold with diamonds, the eyes are made of yellow sapphires. in this combination, which become true works of art. What new pieces did you bring to Baselworld? We have finished some wonderful neck- laces. In the 2nd Skin collection we present opulent necklaces, in Classic our customers can find necklaces with rubies and sapphires in the invisible setting and in the Amanda collection we work with white and red gold as well as unusually beautiful diamonds. But it is not just necklaces that can be admired at Stenz- horn, we also present rings, bracelets, brooches and earrings in the familiar top quality and workmanship. by Christel Trimborn Interview by Christel Trimborn V ladyslav Yavorskyy was in his mid twenties when he founded his company in New York in the early 1990s. After studying geology in Odessa, Ukraine, the enterprising adventurer set out to explore the world of gemstones. Asked about his boss, IVY’s Marketing and Sales Manager Jonas Hjornered says: “Vladyslav has been to almost every mine in Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanza- nia, Mozambique and all the other coun- tries where gemstones can be found. He is completely passionate about gem- stones.” Hjornered, who has worked together with Yavorskyy for the past 11 years, describes his collaborator as a connoisseur when it comes to facetting and cutting gemstones and as an acknowledged specialist for the finest and rarest coloured gems. The 44-year- old Vladyslav Yavorskyy is also responsi- ble for designing the jewellery for his company, which he named “IVY” by com- bining the first letter of the word “inspi- ration” with the first letters of his given Expressive colours in all hues on display at IVY. IVY, aquamarine, Paraiba tourmaline, diamonds, in gold. IVY, Mandarin garnet, diamonds, in gold. Designer and CEO of Stenzhorn, Bettina Stenzhorn. 2.2, G90 2.2, G40 name and family name. “However, I would not call him a jewellery designer, but a composer. His jewellery is more like art,” his assistant adds. Each piece of jewellery from IVY is unique. Each begins with the fascina- tion for a very special stone. Centre stage is always given to “the romance of F ounded in 1979, the Ger- man jewellery manufac- ture Stenzhorn is still an internationally- active, family-run company. The jewellery of the five collections Wildlife, Com- posa, 2nd Skin, Amanda and Classics is available in Europe, Asia, Russia, the Middle East and the U.S.. BWDN spoke to the designer and CEO, Bettina Stenzhorn, about inspirations and new pieces. BWDN: What is the chal- lenge in designing such sophisticated jewellery collec- tions as Wildlife? Bettina Stenzhorn: We draw our inspira- tion primarily from nature. A few years ago I travelled through Africa with my husband. Experiencing the landscape, the people and, above all, the animals in their natural habitat – that was a great inspira- tion for us. Back in Germany, we immedi- ately made sketches of animals and cre- ated jewellery that is now representative of Stenzhorn. This is how the Wildlife collection was created, and it is now suc- cessful all around the world. The most difficult aspect in the production of jew- ellery of this kind is achieving the natural look down to the tiniest detail. Our crea- tions aim to depict the animals living in the wilderness as closely as possible. COLO URF UL, E XO T IC, HIGH - Q UA LI T Y: S T EN ZHORN RE V E AL S I T S CURREN T COLLEC T IONS the stone and the romance of the crea- tion,” Hjornered says. Yavorskyy has also mastered the art of combining various stones to create a piece of jewellery that’s optimally balanced in its size, form and proportions. The results are earrings, rings and chains that look as though they were lifted from the pages of the “Arabian Nights”. For example, Yavorskyy’s imagination can give birth to a collier of pinkish-red spinels (43.08 ct) and diamonds (38.13 ct) set in white gold or to earrings with lagoon-blue tourmalines and diamonds or tsavorites and rubies. One of the most outstanding pieces that IVY is showing at Baselworld this year is a ring with a perfectly pro- portioned 160-carat Colombian emerald that seems to glow from within. Presently based in Beverly Hills, California, IVY also runs an office in Hong Kong. All pieces of jewellery are handmade in the U.S. under the watch- ful eye of the company’s founder. “Our customers can be found all over the world – in Brunei and the Philippines, in Switzerland, Mexico or Brazil,” Hjor- nered says. “Pieces from IVY are exclu- sive and one-of-a-kind items. Our cus- tomers don’t buy them because of the brand name, but because of the creativ- ity and the stones.”

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