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BASELWORLD Daily News | May 1, 2013

60 JEWELLERY WEDNESDAY, MAY 1.2013 YANA NESPER PRESENTS THE “LOOK OF THE MONTH“ IN BASEL by Axel Henselder STAURINO FRATELLI – When tackling a jewellery world classic like the animalier genre, it is no mean feat to come up with something new and surprising. Yet Italian brand Staurino Fratelli has hit a bullseye with its Crea- tures of the Abyss collection. Indeed, there are even amazing sea animals as innovative, unbelievably chic acces- sories. The Jelly Fish ring is part of this collection: rose gold, diamonds, pink sapphires and a splendid Namibian chalcedony.A true style icon that goes beyond the classic ring concept and which we might rightly call an orna- ment for the hand. (rc) A nautical blazer with a stripy shirt and skinny jeans, royal blue loafers, a pair of retro sunglasses and an oversized bag in radiant yellow. The perfect match: a double-row pearl bracelet with white gold clasp and pearl earrings from the Freshwater Classics collec- tion. Under the title Preppy Pearls, Yana Nesper displays nautical clas- sics in the style of the US prep- schoolers, highlighted in a sophisti- cated and sportily glamorous man- ner with radiant summer yellow. Yana Nesper, exclusive brand from Heinz Nesper of Pforzheim, is set to present a special pearl highlight each month on her relaunched homepage – the “Look of the month”. In keeping with seasonal and topical trends, Yana Nesper appeals to her target customers directly, presenting ideas on how to wear pearl jewellery in a styl- ish and modern manner. “We use the trends to style the pearls youthfully and attractively, lend- ing them a modern twist in the proc- ess.” The d e s i g n e r knows what her custom- ers like, as she makes pearl jewellery “practical- ly for myself and my friends around the world,” for women that are inde- pendent, educated and sophisticated as well as interested in fashion and style. MORE EMOTIONS FOR THE PEARL NEWS Yana Nesper at the stand. BRIDES ARE LOOKING FOR EXCELLENCE STUBBS HELPS THE JEWELLER TO BE HIS OWN BRAND Interview by David Brough S tubbs presents precision- engineered bridal suites. Eran Shem-Tov discusses how London-based Stubbs helps premium retailers reach out to customers. BWDN: What are the new collec- tions that Stubbs is presenting at BASELWORLD? Eran Shem-Tov: We present a range of bridal suites. Each suite matches a handmade solitaire mount with a wedding band and full or half eter- nity ring. All the rings are preci- sion-engineered for a seamless flush fit. Using our system, retailers are not just selling an engagement ring. They are offering a complete bridal solution that encourages their customers to return to the store. What is your brand philosophy? The most important brand in any jeweller’s business should be its own. The objective of our design, manufacturing and marketing teams is to develop collections that are the finest expression of your brand’s values through innovative design, a passion for quality and reliability of execution. We can support you with elegant bespoke display solutions that promote your brand. Innovative tools like our retailer-branded Con- figureRing application are designed to enrich the shopping experience delivered in your store. ConfigureRing is a ring configu- ration tool designed for use in-store on a tablet. It is unique in that it is Director Eran Shem-Tov in the Stubbs workshop. customised for retailers with both branding and price. Our offering was very well received at Basel last year so we are extending the range with even more styles. What is special about the design/ layout and location of the Stubbs stand? Our stand is designed to be open and inviting. Another element of our offering is display units person- alised with the retailer’s own logo and colour schemes. The display cases in the show are designed to highlight how our range would look in their shops. In a packed calendar of interna- tional jewellery trade shows, what makes BASELWORLD so impor- tant for Stubbs to attend? It brings us a global audience of pre- mium retailers in a vibrant market- place of the industry’s best suppliers. What are you looking for in Basel this year in terms of products, trends, networking possibilities? We have recently made a major investment in our workshop and would probably be looking for more equipment to support it. What are your expectations for business in 2013 and how can BASELWORLD help Stubbs achieve stronger sales in a chang- ing retail environment? I am expecting to expand our export business significantly. BASELWORLD is the key event of the year.2.2, G82 2.1, M20 2.1, M60